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Importance of using a Hand wash and why Germscot is Best hand wash in Indian Markets

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  • Importance of using a Hand wash and why Germscot is Best hand wash in Indian Markets
Importance of using a Hand wash and why Germscot is Best hand wash in Indian Markets.


1. Hygiene means keeping your body clean especially hands so as to stop the spread of germs and illness.
2. According to many surveys conducted in India, it has been established that the majority of diseases in children and adults are due to inadequate hygiene behavior and COVID 19 is no exception.
3. Feces and fluids from a sick person are the major contributors to disease spread which enters water sources, human hands, flies, and fields are to contribute the spread further. In order to prevent this flow of diseases, we need adequate handwashing awareness.
4. Hand washing and use of hand sanitizer of alcohol base is the only effective barrier that we have against diseases. If the amount of dirt on your hands is visible then hand washing is the only solution.


A critical time for washing hand’s in a 24 hr cycle is as follows;
1. Before the preparation of a meal and before eating a meal.
2. After the use of the toilet.
3. Before feeding a child.
4. Whenever you enter someone’s house.
5. After any other activities like playing outdoor, gardening, etc.



A. Soaps are made of sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, and oils which react together to form soap through a process known as saponification.
B. Soaps are effective in removing dirt and in killing harmful bacteria, viruses on hands, and body.
C. It has been reported by a survey that handwashing behavior is rather poor in rural India and only 18.4% do so after cleaning the child’s bottom and adding further only 2 out of 10 poor households in India use soap or hand wash for washing hands. It is due to this that the children below 5 years die because their immune system is not fully developed at this age.
D. Soaps have a disadvantage over liquid handwash because soaps get unclean after each successive hand wash. Liquid hand washes on the other hand is clean and untouched irrespective of when you use it.


Water Scarcity is also an emerging issue, so it is recommended that hand washing and use of hand sanitizer should be balanced. One should use water wisely.


Liquid hand wash has a similar composition as the soap in a solution form which is user-friendly.

How to make a liquid hand wash at home?

Liquid hand wash can also be made at home with some simple 5 steps as under :
Step 1. Grate the soap bar finely and use only bathing soap because they are soft to the skin.
Step 2. Now add finely powdered soap into boiling water in a 1:4 ratio that means one part soap and 4 parts of water approximately.
Step 3. Stir it continuously till the soap dissolves and stable consistency is achieved.
Step 4. Add any fragrance you want in case your soap doesn’t have one.
Step 5. Let it cool for 12 hrs and put it to use.


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