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It’s a good habit to wash hands regularly. In fact, you need to wash your hands frequently these days to ensure safety from coronavirus. But there are also some side effects of washing hands repeatedly. Using hand wash repeatedly can lead to rough and dry hands. In some cases, it can even cause cracks on skin.This happens with people who wash their hands too much.

So what’s the solution? It’s very simple! Start using a hand wash, which has natural ingredients that soften your hands instead of making them rough and dry. Our GermScot hand wash has been made using natural ingredients like glycerine and essential oils that leave your hands soft after you wash them.

Naturally derived ingredients

We have used naturally derived ingredients in our hand wash. We have added skin-friendly ingredients like glycerine and essential oils to our hand wash. In fact, our hand wash has been made using at least 98% naturally derived ingredients. So no need to use those chemical-based hand washes anymore! Go for this natural alternative!

Leaves hands soft

We have put plant-based ingredients in our hand wash, so there is no chance of getting your hands dry after using GermScot hand wash. Instead it helps make your hands soft even with repeated hand washing.

Natural fragrance of essential oils

The fragrance of essential oils in our hand wash leaves your hands refreshed every time.

Fight germs cuts grease and removes odour

GermScot hand wash helps get rid of germs and remove grease and odour. In short, it has all the qualities a good hand wash should have.

No sulphate or parabens

Most hand wash brands put sulphates in their products for foaming. We haven’t put bad stuff like sulphates and parabens even in our hand wash.

How to Use?

  • Wet your hands
  • Take the required quantity on your palm
  • Lather, rub your hands together, scrub them for at least 20 seconds
  • Rinse well

Why Is Germscot Hand Wash Better Than Other Handwashes?

GermScot Handwash Other handwashes
Made with 98% natural ingredients Loaded with chemicals
Free from sulphates and parabens Contains them
Leaves hands soft Leaves hands rough and dry


1.  Does this hand wash leave hands dry?

Ans. No, this hand wash has been formulated with skin moisturising and nourishing ingredients. So, it never leaves your hands dry.

2. How does it smell?

Ans. Our hand wash smells really good as it contains ingredients like pure essential oils.

3. Is this hand wash good for hands?

Ans. This hand wash is definitely good for your hands as it has been made using at least 98% naturally-derived ingredients.

4. Does it leave any soap residue behind?

Ans. No, it doesn’t leave any soap residue behind. It removes any grease or dirt effectively and leaves your hands squeaky clean.

5. What is the quantity?

Ans. It’s a 5 litre bottle.

6. Are there any harsh chemicals in it?

Ans. We haven’t put any harsh chemicals in our hand wash. In fact, it is absolutely free from sulphates and parabens.

7. Is this hand wash dermatologically tested?

Ans. Yes, it has been dermatologically tested. Still remember that natural products can irritate skin in some very rare cases.

8. Is it a natural product?

Ans. Yes, it’s a natural product as it has been made using 98% natural ingredients.

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200ml, 500ml, 5ltr

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  1. sanjeev.jain

    So gentle to my hands. nice fragrance. good experience

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