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Why You Should Avoid Sulphates and Paraben in Your Shampoo

Why You Should Avoid Sulphates and Paraben in Your Shampoo

Recently people want to use a paraben and sulphates free shampoo. This is because there have been many reports about the side effects of these. Let us know more about these two.


It is mostly used in hair care, skin care products to increase the shelf life of it. There are many types of Parabens: butylparaben, ethylparaben, methylparaben, propylparaben and isobutylparaben. They are often used because they are much cheaper than the safer alternatives and works as anti microbial agent in the products.

Recently studies have shown that parabens mimic estrogen and so reduces the production of them in body which is the cause of breast cancer. Parabens are also known for disturbing the normal hormonal cycle.

A research study shows that it is easily absorbed in the skin as it was found in the urine of healthy men who were using a paraben containing product. In man it reduces the sperm count and may also cause testicular cancer.


When you apply your shampoo and massage it on your scalp it would usually form dense lather. This is due to sodium lauryl sulfate. It is a crystalline salt of sulfated lauryl alcohol and sodium lauryl itself is a detergent or surfactant. The property of a surfactant is to reduce the surface tension between solid and liquid. Due to this reduction between the two, dense lather is form. Reduction f the surface tension between hair and shampoo allows sodium lauryl sulfate to get rid of all the dirt and oil present in hair.

Now that you know about them both, here is a bunch of reasons why you should go for a sulfate and paraben free shampoo:

  1. There is no denying the effect of sulfate in getting rid of dirt and oil from your scalp but according to recent research and studies done, sulfate is carcinogenic, toxic that causes hair loss, hair thinning and is also the cause of destruction of hair follicles which stops your hair growth.
  2. As already stated paraben cause cancer by attaching themselves to estrogen receptors. Whether you believe it or not, why risk your life with it?
  3. Paraben are also known to cause skin irritations, dermatitis, rosacea and some allergic reaction in kids.
  4. The shampoos for babies should never contain sulphates as it may cause damge to their sensitive eyes and in some case blindeness.
  5. Shampoos free from these too are actually very moisturizing and keep your hair healthy, free from spit ends and breaking.

After so many studies and researches done beauty and skin care products companies are now coming up with formulas that are paraben and sulfate free. The results have been impressive and the future seems more promising for such products. It is all about time, as the consumers get more informed about what they use on their skin and hair, the companies also get encouraged to formulate the needed products.

AloraScot shampoo and conditioner by Scot Beauty is free from sulfate and paraben and has shown excellent results in moisturizing and hair growth according to its customers.

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