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Best Vegetable and Food Wash

Best Vegetable and Food Wash

Can Covid-19 spread through Eatables like Vegetables & Fruits?

Why it is necessary to use a veggie and fruit cleaner nowadays?

  • Viruses have the ability to attach themselves to any foreign substance’s namely vegetables, fruits, and street food. They can stay there for a significant time.
  • COVID 19 can also spread by sharing eatables like fruits with an affected person because the saliva in one’s mouth is a fine spot for the virus.
  • COVID 19 has more probability to spread through fruits than vegetables because vegetables are washed and then cooked which makes it safer whereas fruits can only be washed.
  • Eating in restaurants, hotels, and streets can spread COVID 19 because a lot of dishes require uncooked vegetables like salads, burgers, and garnishing purposes which creates a possibility for covid19 spread. In a restaurant due to time constraints can result in inadequate washing of fruits and vegetables.

With COVID 19 on the rise, how can you Eat Safely?

  • If you have ordered something from outside, firstly use only one hand for removing boxes and wrappers, secondly use the other hand to hold the eatable inside or pour the eatable into any other container, thirdly wash your hands properly so that any probability of contamination can be removed. Finally, reheat your food in a microwave to be on a safer side.
  • Despite the above measure’s avoid eating outside food with your friends at your favorite place.
  • Avoid family dinner, office dinners and other social gatherings.
  • If you have the urge to eat outside food, cook it yourself at home using YouTube.

How to Disinfect Fruits and Vegetables by washing with- Germscot Veggie Clean?

  • Veggie clean a.k.a vegetable and fruit wash is a great herbal product by SCOTBEAUTY which helps clean vegetables and fruits.
  • Veggie clean help remove pesticides, dust and dirt, chemicals, waxes, and preservatives.
  • Veggie clean is made of herbal ingredients which are totally safe and help you make your eatables safer
  • Veggie clean consists of eucalyptus which contains substances that can kill bacteria and viruses, cedarwood which serves as an all-natural antiseptic and helps combat bacterial and fungal infection, lavender which is used to treat fungal infection, allergies, nausea, etc.

How to use VEGGIE CLEAN?

Step 1- 15 ml (3 teaspoonfuls) of veggie clean in 500 ml of plain water or in a 3% ratio.
Step 2- Soak the vegetables and fruits in the solution for 1minute and rub them individually.
Step 3- Wash them with running water.

Why Scotbeauty Healthcare -Germscot is the Best vegetable and fruit wash manufacturers in India?

Scotbeauty Healthcare is the top veggie and fruit wash in India that makes Shudh herbal products under all approved herbs which have an added advantage to be the Best vegetable wash in India. Depending upon the demand and needs of the Veggie wash in India, our company is performing with all the WHO recommendations that can help our nation from the spread of the outbreak of Covid-19 with the best vegetable cleaners which is of top quality. Moreover, all our products are manufactured under certified plants of ISO, WHO, and GMP; thus, we offer the best vegetable and fruit cleaner and Shudh herbal range of products.

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