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Herbal Store Franchise business

Herbal Store Franchise business

How to open an Herbal store of ScotBeauty Healthcare:

Get started with just 10 steps:

Step-1: Define a minimum area for premises over 80 Sq.Ft. Or above or above

Step-2: Provide photos of the premises over 7889028274 (Whatsapp)

Step-3: Submit with residential proof, PAN, Aadhaar & ID proof, your signed application form

Step 4: Pay the security fee and get the legal agreement for the Herbal Store franchise.

Step-5: Preparation, if necessary by any government, of the proposed premises by civil engineer BluePrint. Uh, Deptt.

Step 6: Send a copy of the rental agreement to our address/Email in Chandigarh.

Step 7: All personnel is interviewed/shortlisted/appointed/trained.

Step-8: Apply for all license numbers (We Assist) needed (GST/FSSAI/ISO)

Step-9: Provide essential equipment and PCs with billing software for the premises.


Generally asked questions for ayurvedic store franchise:

How much investment is needed for an Herbal products store franchise to open?

  • The interior of the entire store will be designed and made by the company with very little investment of a buyer which includes advertisement boards, outer shop boards, paints and shelves for displaying, and full training of product-related knowledge.

What would be the store area and storage capacity of the herbal medical store?

  • An area of 10 sq. meters is required.
  • Your store would require the basic need of a refrigerator to store insulin, antibiotics, vaccines and other required medications that need to be kept in a low temperature.
  • As stated earlier, cupboards and drawers will be provided as they are a requirement to store different drugs and other products in the store.

We support in every aspect to open your Herbal store.

  • We procure and help in  all important equipment for the store
  • You get all the basic stock (Clothing & Apparel) first time free.
  • Help you acquire all the requisite license numbers
  • Certificate Of Franchise Authorization
  • Achievement Award based on Franchisee Results
  • Support to hire and train sales personnel
  • We have tools for Organikzone billing
  • Control of inventories through our billing tools.
  • For the workers, we have logo-printed t-shirts
  • We provide you with all the new promotional resources and marketing strategies for sales.
  • Sales tax/income tax/audited balance sheet collection guide by a chartered accountant
  • A soft copy of your local address name board and template for interior wall decoration.
  • Soft copy of promotional material in local electronic media (Cable TV) and print media/banner/stands/stickers/(No parking) board to advertise the company.
  • We advertise in national and social media magazines (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc.).
  • Additional clothing and garments at a net price.

How much return will I get if I open an herbal franchise outlet?

  • There are multiple options to earn if you are interested in opening an ayurvedic franchise outlet of ScotBeauty Healthcare by taking the monopoly rights for distribution and wholesale for the entire region, which will not only help you in earning from the customer but also from the wholesale distribution to other shops.
  • Easily procure goods and track your order from the online portal of
  • All online orders of your location will be forwarded to you for dispatching and earning from the online platform.
  • The company will be helping you in all promotional works and arranging camps and schemes on a regular basis.
  • Your store will be promoted on online platforms.
  • Earning will definitely be 2-3 times of the investment hence it will be very beneficial.
  • You get Franchise Exclusive territorial rights to a unit franchise
  • Anticipated percentage return on investment360 %
  • Likely payback period of capital for a Franchise Half Years

Does one need a license to sell Herbal medicine Shop in India?

  • No, you don’t need any license to open an ayurvedic medicine shop in India.
  • You may only need to register your shop under the Municipality Corporation or any local law if applicable.

What are the documents required for Herbal and drug medical shop license?

  • Fee challan.
  • All required and relevant certificates of the pharmacist you’re going to apply for the store.
  • A covering letter that specifies the purpose of the application duly signed by the applicant.
  • An affidavit by the registered pharmacist.
  • A site plan of the location including the design layout of the store in which you are going to work if needed in the future.



Name: Akarshan Kapilaa

Address: Scot Beauty Healthcare. Bhabat Road, Zirakpur-140603.

Mobile Numbers:

+(91)-7889028274 | +(91)-7986897605 | +(91)-9216767741

WhatsApp Numbers:

+(91)-7889028274 | +(91)-7986897605 | +(91)-9216767741

Email Ids:

[email protected][email protected]


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