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Hand Sanitizer Manufacturers in India


Hand sanitizer | Alcohol base hand-sanitizer manufacturers in India†

Hand Sanitizer Manufacturers in India - Hand sanitizers play an important role when it comes to maintaining proper hygiene as covid 19 is spreading. Using the Germscot hand sanitizer helps you to get rid of germs, infections, and health issues, and looking for alcohol base hand sanitizers often provides better benefits over ayurvedic hand sanitizers and protects the hands against protection while traveling. And in this aspect, Scot Beauty Healthcare provides the top and best hand sanitizer manufacturers in India. We at Scotbeauty Healthcare offer a wide range of Shudh herbal cosmetic products, of premium quality. Hand sanitizer is made up of a mixture of herbs and Coleus vittiveroides, Citrus limon burns, Vetiveria zizanioides linn,† Azadirachta indica, Azadirachta indica, Isopropyl alcohol that helps to provide the best care to the hands from virus and we at Scotbeauty Healthcare is the best hand sanitizer wholesalers and manufacturer in India. In case of any further queries, feel free to contact us at +91-7889028274, or +91-9216767741.

What Are the Benefits of Using alcohol Hand Sanitizer?

Not only do these alcohol base hand sanitizers protect against bacteria, germs, infections, or other health-related issues but also provide perfect nourishment and moisture to the skin. Here below are some more benefits of Hand Sanitizer Manufacturers in India -
  • Stops the growth of infection which can cause corona infection transfer: According to a recent survey, 4 in 10 people regularly wash their hands. Out of which 60% donít use proper soap whereas hand sanitizer plays important role as the effects of killing harmful bacteria, germs, virus is more effective as alcohol base is considered as the best hand sanitiser ingredient in killing virus.
  • Helps in maintaing Good Hygiene and Health: One study in the US Journal of Infection Control found that engagement people the use of hand sanitizers in schools reduced by 20% by 2019 but now every school is strict and it has been compulsory for students to carry hand sanitizer and masks to schools.
  • Reduce Wastage of water: As people are aware that regularly washing hands in public is impossible so it better to carry a Germscot hand sanitizer in your pocket but please note† hand sanitizers are equally harmfull if it is used before eating. Easy to carry- our germscot well fitted inside the pockets and purses which helps in public areas to sanitize as it is difficult to regularly look for sink or washrooms.
Hand Sanitizer Manufacturers in India

Some other advantages of Germscot hand sanitizers:

  • The chances of infection of crona virus reduces.
  • Also kills all bacteria and micro-organisms.
It helps to keep the hands soft& smooth.

How Is Germscot Hand Sanitizer Best in the market?

some of the best features of Germscot are: WHO Recommended Formulation used Globally.
  • 70, 80, 83.33% Alcohol.
  • Non-Allergic.
  • Paraben-Free.
  • Sulphate Free.
  • Phthalates Free.
  • Dermatologist Tested.
  • Effective against bacteria.
  • No soap or water is required after use.
  • No color added Transparent in nature

Why Choose Scotbeauty Healthcare for the Hand Sanitizer Manufacturers in India?

Scotbeauty Healthcare is one of the best Hand Sanitizer Manufacturers in India. Manufactured with the best ingredients tested in specialized laboratories and all our ingredients are 110% safe and effective on the skin. We use high-quality herbs and the best chemicals to prepare our WHO Recommended formulas with all the purity. which helps in complete protection against covid 19 also known as coronavirus infection or bacteria spreading. Established in the year 1990. Pharma Drugs & Chemicals best pharma pcd company in India deals in a wide range of Shudh herbal cosmetics products. Our division Scotbeauty Healthcare also offers a third-party manufacturing franchise†and Ayurvedic contract manufacturing and pcd franchise in the different range of herbal cosmetic products.

Advantages of Scotbeauty Healthcare as Hand Sanitizer Manufacturers in India:††

  • All our products are ISO 9001:2008, GMP, WHO certified
  • Provides herbal ayurvedic contract manufacturing.
  • Safe and best packaging.
  • On-time order fulfillment.
  • Unique products that are new in Indian markets.
  • Exports to Singapore and Malaysian markets.
  • Offers third-party manufacturing Franchise.
  • Latest hi-technology and machinery.

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