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Custom mask printing in India with branding

Custom mask printing in India with branding

Types of Face Mask?

Respirators mask –

They are the most effective and advanced form of masks used by medical personnel. They are expensive and in short supply around the globe. Example – N95 mask.

Surgical mask-

They are made of layers of thin paper that are effective against COVID 19 to a certain extent. They are cheap but not reusable with a life of 8 hrs maximum after which they need to be dumped.

Textile masks-

They are masks made of cloth-like cotton, cotton membrane prevents the entry of contaminated droplets to an extent. They are reusable after washing and economical.

Does Cotton Mask Help in Covid-19?

  1. Now the lockdown is over, so going outside cannot be avoided which makes us vulnerable to COVID 19 spread. A combination of cotton masks and hand sanitizers is our only line of defense.
  2. Nowadays fine is being imposed if you don’t wear a mask at all times. So the mask needs to be a natural and a breathable one which doesn’t suffocate its the owner. The cotton mask is the best solution considering its natural origin.
  3. COVID 19 is spread mostly through contaminated liquid droplets of the infected persons which are prevented by the cotton masks.
  4. The cotton mask also help reduce other pollutants from entering your body.

What are Custom made Masks?

  1. Custom made masks are a service provided by Scotbeauty which gives you an option to showcase the logo, writing over the cotton mask.
  2. Custom made masks help companies in marketing brand names and products.
  3. In today’s fashion-conscious world custom made face masks provide an option to the youth to match their attire in colleges, schools, and universities, etc.
  4. Custom made masks allows individual to wear masks on occasions like social gathering which was not possible with other masks like surgical mask because they look weird and unsuitable at such places.



  1. The service is provided by Scotbeauty healthcare online at www.localhost/scotbeauty. They supply in bulk as well as small orders through online delivery.
  2. The service can be used by companies to promote their brand and motto by offering their staff free custom-made masks.
  3. The service can also be used by small scale startups, restaurants, and hotel businesses.


  1. They are 100% pure cotton washable 2 ply masks.
  2. Very gentle and soft, best for corporate gifting with branding logos printed or carved

Why Scotbeauty Healthcare -Germscot is the Best Custom cotton mask manufacturers in India?

Scotbeauty Healthcare is the top cotton mask manufacturer in India that makes Shudh herbal products under all approved herbs which have an added advantage to be the Best mask manufacturer in India. Depending upon the demand and needs of the masks in India, our company is performing with all the WHO recommendations that can help our nation from the spread of the outbreak of Covid-19 with the best cotton 2 ply & 3 ply masks which is of top quality. Moreover, all our products are manufactured under certified plants of ISO, WHO, and GMP; thus, we offer the best masks.

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