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Best Skin care Herbal Ayurvedic franchise company in Chandigarh

Best Skin care Herbal Ayurvedic franchise company in Chandigarh

Looking for top Skincare Herbal Ayurvedic franchise company in Chandigarh.

Searching for top skin herbal medicine manufacturers in Chandigarh? Scotbeauty is one of the best derma herbal manufacturers in Chandigarh and is also a renowned herbal products franchise company.

What is acne and how does it affect skin?

Acne, scientifically referred to as acne vulgaris is a disease of skin which occurs when dead skin cells clogs the hair follicles. In some of the cases, higher secretion of oil can also clog hair follicle. People with acne may get blackheads or whiteheads, spots and pimples on their face. It primarily affects the skin with relatively high number of oil glands, including face, upper part of chest and back.

Why are herbal products more popular than synthetic for skin care?

Why Herbal products are good?

why Natural products are best?

Well the answers lies in the question itself Herbal products are millennia’s first choice when it comes to skin care. Thus to keep up with growing demand for herbal skin care products, companies go for contract manufacturing instead of setting up own manufacturing unit that what Scotbeauty Helathcare provides
Some of benefits of third party manufacture are:

  • Safe yet effective
  • Natural and pure
  • Can be used for all type of skin
  • Options available for herbal products
  • No added chemicals so no side effects
  • Ease of availability

Popular herbal extracts used:

The herbal manufacturers in Chandigarh use different types of herbal extracts in their products for acne treatment. These ayurvedic products not only treat acne but also help reduce blemishes and spots on the skin and thereby leaving healthy and glowing skin.


Aloe-vera is widely used to cure sun burn and can be used as moisturizer to rejuvenate the skin. Aloe-vera has anti-inflammatory properties and helps in maintaining skin firmness. Aloe-vera being rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, fight against disease and support body’s overall wellness.


Treat scars and acne. It also helps with pigmentation reduction. It is known as hero ingredient for most of the herbal products. It is widely used for repaired damage, as anti-bacterial, to eliminate head and body lice etc.


Turmeric also known as “haldi” helps and prevents dry skin and is used in eczema and acne. It also slow down the aging process and helps in wrinkles. It acts as natural cleanser.

Papaya and Lemon:

Papaya is beta carotene rich and has skin lightening properties. It helps in reducing visibility of acne scars and dark spots. It also moisturizes and hydrates dry skin. Lemon acts as anti-oxidant and purifying which helps reduce skin blemishes.

Kokum Butter:

Kokum butter is widely used butter because of its emollient properties. Kokum butter is rich in vitamin E which acts as anti-oxidant. Kokum butter also rich in essential fatty acids softens the skin and promotes elasticity. It is known as soap queen.

Choose Scotbeauty Healthcare as your herbal products franchise company

Scot beauty is widely recognized for its huge herbal range products. We offer business with ethical policies, reasonable prices and transparent dealings. Also our products have tamper proof packing which ensures that all products are safe and get long life. Its first ever Herbal foaming face wash is in trend which has minimum 250 sprays and one spray is enought for complete face which is well-considered and popular on eCommerce websites on Flipkart
and has make his presence in best top facewash in India. All our products are Shudh Herbal made with natural ingredients and that too with paraben and sulphates free.

For more details, write us on [email protected] or call us on +91 7986897605.

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