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Best Hand Sanitizer Online

Best hand sanitizer online


With over 2 million people being infected by coronavirus worldwide it is now indeed evident that health is the wealth of the nation. Despite countries being under lockdown, they are still unable to control the spread of this virus. It is now the responsibility of every individual to protect themselves against this epidemic.


Experts have predicted that the aftereffect of coronavirus may be felt till 2022 which leaves us

with the only choice that is lifestyle change or change of habits. If we look at the spread of covid-19, it is either due to inhaling the infected droplets or due to touching the surfaces by hands and then touching your mouth or nose. Keeping in mind social distancing and using homemade masks inhaling infected droplets can be prevented. When it comes to touching infected surfaces by hand it becomes a difficult task. Hand sanitizer or hand washing is the only solution to this problem. With frequent hand washing and when not possible use of hand sanitizer can protect oneself from infection.

Habits that needs to be followed are as follows.

1. Say no to outside food whenever possible.
2. Follow a healthy diet that can improve immunity.
3. Follow a vegetarian diet if possible.
4. Taking a bath and wash your hands frequently.
5. Develop a habit of not touching your mouth or nose by hand as far as possible.
6. Use a homemade mask.
7. Use hand sanitizer.
8. Cut your nails.


Hand sanitizer which are alcohol based are to be used and other ingredients like aloe vera, glycerol, lavender and tree tea oil. Generally alcohol used are of two types i.e. isopropyl alcohol/ rubbing alcohol and ethanol. Isopropyl alcohol is an antiseptic which is colorless, volatile, flammable and often used in aftershave lotion, hand lotion etc. Nowadays, boron based hand sanitizer is also a good option but effects are still unknown. So one must use hand sanitizer frequently which is alcohol based. Only precaution one needs to follow is to keep your hands away from fire after using hand sanitizer. Homemade hand sanitizer can also be used under extreme situation because although the ingredients mentioned above may be available to you but the quantity of each component has to be carefully measured otherwise it could be harmful to your health. It is better to use hand wash and wash your hands carefully for 20 seconds.


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