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Top Herbal Ayurvedic Manufacturers in India

Worldwide herbal medicines are being used nowadays. Herbal medicine got a major boom mainly due to its natural and non-harmful ingredients. These medicines do not have the side effects of toxic chemicals used often in the production of synthetic medicines. Many health-conscious people prefer them on over-the-counter medicines. Usually, they are more often used in a chronic type condition, allergies, etc. but not many use them in advanced diseases like the rare type of cancer, recent infectious diseases, etc. they have found to be very useful in terms of skin problems, pain relief, seasonal allergies, etc. Many people would use them for other purposes like, keeping their brain sharp, keeping their immune system strong, giving them strength, etc. People of India have always relied more on herbal be it a skincare product or medicine. The simple people of this country hesitate to use synthetic medicines by just looking at the chemical names of the ingredients in the labels. Also, India is home to many herbal remedies and so it is natural to choose herbal over synthetic. There are many people using herbal medicines and just as many manufacturers of it. Below is a list of these manufacturers in no particular preference order.

Pharma Drugs And Chemicals Unlimited division- Scotbeauty Healthcare

One of India’s prominent and best suppliers of quality pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, ayurvedic, etc. products. They have a wide range of products which include antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and many more. All the products are safe to consume as they are made under GMP and ISO 9001:2008 specs. Plus they are widely accepted by the best doctors in the country. Pharma drugs and chemicals unlimited work on basis of PCD and franchise. They take intensive care about the uniformity in quality of their products for which not many herbal manufacturers are known in India.

Himalaya Wellness

They have products of great quality, they are WHO – GMP certified. They are known to manufacture and export medicines like anti-inflammatory medicines, anti-allergy pills & capsules, analgesics, antibacterial, etc. they also have sedative drugs. They are still growing their range of medicine. With their great quality product, excellent customer services, and competitive price range, they are sure to grow even more.

Dabur India Ltd.

They are one of the well known ones. The motif behind their product is to get people what nature contains for them. The founder had been fascinated by the beautiful natural forests of India and how it has so many useful and beneficial herbs within it. That is how their products were decided to be made. They contain not only herbal medicines but also herbal health care products, herbal cosmetics, herbal oil, etc. They are also India’s herbal medicine & product manufacturers and exporters.

Patanjali Ayurveda

They are an Indian multinational company and they not only make herbal medicines but they do so much more than that like nutraceuticals, herbal health care, herbal extracts, essential oil, etc. They are manufacturers and exporters of these products. For any other information mail us at or call us at +91 7889028274 Scotbeauty Healthcare best ayurvedic franchise in India is now open for franchises all over India