Shescot-intimate wash

Shescot-intimate wash

Shudh herbal PH balanced, safe, Gentle on skin
offers daily natural protection.
Pleasing Fragrance.
Provides long-lasting Freshness & Well being.
Women's day special price.

Price: Rs 1

SHESCOT Intimate Hygiene Wash is one of the most popular Herbal intimate washes in India and is known to effectively maintain and balances pH levels
Also leaves it bacterial free and prevent infection
using an Shescot intimate wash reduces itchiness and irritation around the area.
has 7 HERBS to help maintain natural PH balance and keep your intimate area fresh, and essence to cull bad odour, it contains 100% vegetable source, no preservative, no paraben, no chemical and skin's acidic mantle PH (3.5).

How to use

Take small and minimal amount of gel at tip of your figure.Apply this gel with the help of your finger and spread evenly .Repeat this process twice a day in morning and evening


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