• Women's health can never be taken lightly or the results will be destructive.
  • Thus, to support women's health, ScotBeauty has come up with syrup for women's health i.e., SheScot Utrine Tonic syrup for women's health.
  • Additionally, these female health supplements come in a syrup form to help encounter the bloodstream directly.
  • It passes through the digestive system for giving rapid results.
  • This female herbal supplement is natural herbs combination.
  • These major herbs help in increasing stamina naturally.
  • SheScot Utrine Tonic female syrup exerts various medicinal properties, which are highly beneficial for women's health.
  • Furthermore, this syrup for women's health provides relief from gynecological problems.
  • With all these medicinal properties and the presence of authentic herbs, SheScot Utrine Tonic has become one of the best tonics for women.


Ashok Chhal

Helps to manage various gynecological and menstrual problems

Indravaruni Mool

Used to cure pimples, acne and boils


Beneficial for women’s reproductive health


Gentle hormone balancing and reproductive support


Cures menstrual disorders


Supports memory


Has pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties


Relieves Menstrual problems


Increases breast milk during lactation period


Acts as a detoxifier and improves complexion


Relieves urinary disorders

Dargu Haldi

Has anti-inflammatory properties


Helpful for leucorrhea and other gynecological problemss


Cures skin diseases, acne and pimples


Useful for weight loss


Stops heavy menstrual bleeding.

Rakta Chandan

Purifies blood.


Manages leucorrhea


Improves Metabolism


Good for Skin and Hair


Why We Are Better than Others?

In our product formulation, we have made use of herbal extracts in appropriate quantity as mentioned on the label.

  • Women's health is always at the priority.
  • Therefore, it is very difficult for women to take care of their health.
  • Therefore ScotBeauty presents SheScot Utrine Tonic syrup for women that is one of the best tonics for Women's health.
  • ScotBeauty, the leading and renowned manufacturer of herbal supplements owns land at Zirakpur.
  • Additionally, it focuses on the top-notched modern technologies for assuring premium quality products.
  • Moreover, to raise quality upto 100% for the purpose of achieving customer satisfaction, it holds government-approved certifications and licenses.
  • Thus, trusting ScotBeauty for a Health tonic for a female is just a great idea.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    SheScot normally should be taken for 1-2 months regularly for better results. As far as symptomatic benefits are concerned, Patients start feeling well within a few days of intake of SheScot best health tonic for ladies. In certain chronic conditions, SheScot can safely be taken for the long term.

    Yes, SheScot is a purely herbal base formulation.

    For fast and positive results one may take SheScot regularly for a period of a minimum of three months or as advised by the physician.

    To get the maximum therapeutic benefit to take a regular dose of SheScot for a minimum of three months or as prescribed by the doctor. Once you start feeling more energized & healthy, stop taking SheScot only after the advice of the doctor.

    SheScot best female health tonic should be stored at room temperature.

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