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We Indians understand the importance of applying oil to our scalp and hair very well. But you can reap the benefits of oil massaging only when your hair oil is completely free from harmful stuff like mineral oil, artificial colors and other baddies like BHT and artificial fragrance. We have prepared our hair oil keeping all this in mind.

Our hair oil is free from all the bad stuff you find in most of the hair oils sold in the market. Hairscot oil has been made using some really good ingredients like onion seed oil along with almond, castor, jojoba, olive and coconut oils. All the goodness in just one bottle!

Makes hair thicker

Everybody wants thick hair and our oil makes your hair healthy and thicker when used regularly. It can help a lot in preventing hair thinning which is a common problem these days.

Provides extra nourishment

It’s very important to nourish your hair to make it look beautiful. The hair that lacks nourishment speaks for itself just like the nourished hair does. Yes, prevent dry and rough hair by providing the required nourishment to it .Our hair oil provides the required nourishment to your hair.

Has a non-sticky formula

The biggest problem with most of the hair oils is the stickiness they leave your hair with.  Thankfully Hairscot oil is different.  It makes your hair healthy without leaving it greasy unlike other hair oils.

Prevent grey hair

Our hair oil also helps prevent another common hair problem these days that is premature greying. Onion seed oil in this hair oil helps a lot in delaying those annoying grey hair.

Reduces dandruff

Dandruff is another very common hair problem. If left untreated, dandruff can even cause breakouts. So it is a hair problem that can lead to skin issues as well.

Promotes hair growth

If you want to grow your hair faster, our hair oil is a must try. It will surely increase the rate of your hair growth with the blend of amazing ingredients found in nature.

Prevents breakage and split ends

Stop hair breakage and split ends!  Hair breakage and loss not only make your hair thin but also take away the sheen and beauty of your hair.

Makes hair silky and shiny

Healthy and happy hair is silky and shiny. And if your hair doesn’t look and feel like that, there is definitely some hair problem. Our hair oil deals with all hair problems and helps make your hair soft, silky and shiny.

How to Use

  1. Massage the hair oil on the scalp and hair
  2. Leave it for at least one hour (You can also leave it overnight for even better results)
  3. Wash your hair to see the shine and feel the softness

Who Is It For?

  • Men and women of all ages
  • People with dry and damaged hair

Key Ingredients

Onion seed oil

Onion seed oil is full of nourishing properties. It not only helps stop hair fall but also prevents premature greying, split ends, hair loss and other hair problems. All in all is a great solution to all your hair problems.

Almond oil

Almond oil helps make hair soft, smooth, strong and beautiful. It is also very helpful in repairing hair damage and promoting hair growth.

Castor oil

Castor oil is useful in promoting hair growth. It also improves hair texture and helps strengthen it.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is highly beneficial in nourishing your locs. It helps control frizz and dandruff. The best part is this oil helps repair the damage caused by heating and styling of hair.

Olive oil

Olive oil can help your hair grow really fast. It also works as a very good hair protectant.

Coconut oil

If you are suffering from hair loss, dandruff and hair breakage, coconut oil can do wonders in treating these hair problems. It’s full of nutrients necessary for your hair’s growth.

Why Is Hairscot Oil Better Than Other Hair Oils?

Hairscot oil Other hair oils
Formulated with natural herbs and oils Full of mineral oil and other chemicals
Solution to all your hair problems Works on only specific hair problems
Promotes hair growth Does not provide enough nourishment
Suits all hair types Suits only specific hair types


1. Does this oil help hair grow?

Ans. Yes, it helps hair growth with regular use

2. Will it stop hair fall?

Ans. It will, in the long run

3.Does it help stop premature greying?

Ans. Yes, it can help prevent premature greying

4. Does the oil have a strong and bad smell?

No, it doesn’t have bad smell

5. Can I use it daily?

Yes, you can use it daily. This will be in fact more beneficial.

6. Does it help with dandruff?

Yes, it can reduce dandruff

7. Which shampoo should I use after using it?

Use HairScot shampoo for better results

8. Is it useful for men as well?

Men and women, both can use this hair oil.

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