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Germscot Herbal Hand Sanitizer


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Can you imagine life without hand sanitizer? No, you can’t! Whenever you go out, a hand sanitizer is a must. It cleans your hands on the go. No water, no soap and your hands get super clean with just one product.

And these days a hand sanitizer has become one of the most important things in life thanks to the pandemic. Really you just imagine leaving the house without a sanitizer in your bag, your car or your pocket. Today people are using sanitizers as much as they use soap and water to clean their hands.

But as we know a sanitizer is made using alcohol to make it effective against germs and viruses, it can lead to dry hands with repeated use. That’s where natural ingredients come in. A sanitizer made using natural ingredients not only kills germs and viruses but also leaves your skin moisturized. We know the side effects of alcohol based sanitizer on skin that’s why we have put Aloe Vera and lemon in our sanitizer.

GermScot instant hand sanitizer has been made using 70% alcohol, which is highly effective against coronavirus.

WHO recommended formulation

Our hand sanitizer is a WHO recommended formulation. So you can be 100% sure about the efficacy of GermScot Instant Hand Sanitizer. It kills 99.99% germs effectively.

Doesn’t dry out hands

The biggest drawback of using a hand sanitizer is that it dries out your skin. But today when we need to use hand sanitizers repeatedly, we need a sanitizer that doesn’t dry out hands. GermScot instant hand sanitizer helps prevent dry hands by moisturising them.

Made using natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and lemon

With ingredients like aloe vera and lemon, GermScot instant hand sanitizer Is surely better than other hand sanitizers.

How to Use

  • Take a coin-sized amount
  • Rub your hands together and wait for 20 seconds ( to dry them) and voila!

Is Germscot Instant Hand Sanitizer Better Than Other Hand Sanitizers?

GermScot Instant Hand Sanitizer Other hand sanitizers
WHO recommended formulation Not all have this formulation
Made with 70% alcohol Many have less alcohol content
Leaves hands moisturized Leaves your hands dry
Contains natural ingredients like aloe vera and lemon Not all have natural ingredients


1. What is the alcohol percentage in this hand sanitizer?

Ans. It has been made using 70% alcohol. So, it kills 99.99% of germs and viruses.

2. Is it a WHO-recommended hand sanitizer formulation?

Ans. Yes, this hand sanitizer has been made keeping WHO recommendation in mind.

3. Does it dry out the skin?

Ans. No, in fact, it leaves your hands moisturized.

4. How does it smell?

Ans. Our sanitizer smells better than many other hand sanitizers.

5. Can I use it to sanitize my kid’s hands?

Ans. Yes, you can. Just make sure your kids don’t lick their hands afterward.

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100ml, 500ml Gel, 500ml Fliptop, 500ml Spray, 5 Ltr.

2 reviews for Germscot Herbal Hand Sanitizer

  1. anchal.mudgal

    Really….Nice product

  2. anchal.mudgal

    Using from Corona pandemic situation. still it is always in my handbag. Very satisfied with this hand sanitizer.

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