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When it comes to winters, the most common skin problem you face is dry skin. And people who have dry skin suffer even more. In winters we need a moisturizer that not only moisturizes our skin for long time but also nourishes it well. That’s where cold cream comes in.

A good cold cream is formulated keeping harsh winters in mind. We have made our cold cream highly moisturizing and effective for relieving dry skin by packing it with effective herbs like kumkumadi, aloe vera and yashti madhu.

Moisturizes skin well

We know the importance of moisturization in winters. Most of the time your skin gets dry and flaky if not taken care of. That’s why we have made this cold cream intensely moisturizing and nourishing.

Prevents and treats dry and flaky skin

Sometimes your skin gets so dry in winters that even cracks appear on it. Treating such dry and flaky skin is not an easy job. You can’t just use any random cream or moisturizer to heal it. Our cold cream does wonders in treating dry skin.

Helps keep skin young

This one is quite obvious. If you keep your skin moisturized it will stay youthful for years. Our cold cream moisturizes your skin well, the key to young and beautiful skin.

Brings out natural glow

Well moisturized and nourished skin glows naturally. So AloraScot moisturising cold cream makes your skin really glow.

How to Use?

  • Apply the required amount on dry skin.
  • Massage till it gets absorbed.

Who Is It for?

  • Men and women of all ages
  • All skin types

Key Ingredients

Aloe vera

Aloe vera moisturizes your skin very well. Great solution to many skin problems.

Yasti madhu

It helps reduce itching, inflammation and soothe skin


Neem helps treat many skin problems and achieve clear skin.


Tulsi helps treat acne, skin infections and prevent blackheads


Kesar is known to brighten complexion and treat different skin problems


Mandookparni has wound healing properties, so it’s really good for flaky and cracked skin


Haridra is very useful in making skin bright, clear and nourished


Kumkumadi helps treat pigmentation, reduce scars and blemishes, and improve overall complexion

Why Is Our Cold Cream Better Than Other Cold Creams?

AloraScot Cold Cream Other Cold Creams
Free from parabens and sulphates Contains parabens and sulphates
Made from natural ingredients No or very few natural ingredients
Have many skin benefits Not much beneficial


1.  Does this cold cream moisturize skin?

Ans. Yes, our cold cream moisturizes your skin very well. So, no more dryness in winters!

2. Does it cause pimples?

Ans. No, it has been formulated using the best ingredients. But if your skin is acne prone, we recommend trying it out on a small area first.

3. Is it suitable for people with oily skin?

Yes, people with oily skin can also use this cold cream. It’s because your skin tends to lose moisture in winters even if you have oily skin.

4. Can I use it in the summer?

Ans. If you have very dry skin you can use it in the summer as well. But again only if you have very dry skin!

5. Can I use it daily?

Ans. This cold cream can be used daily. It will not only moisturize your skin but also heal very dry skin if used regularly.

6. Does it contain parabens?

Ans. No, we haven’t and will never put parabens and other harsh chemicals in our cold cream.

7. Is it safe for skin?

Ans. Yes, this cold cream is absolutely safe for your skin since it has been made using some of the best ingredients in nature.

8. Can men use it?

Ans. Yes, men and women both can use the cold cream.

9. I have combination skin. Is it suitable for me?

Ans. Yes, it suits all skin types. So you can use it without worrying.

10. What are the ingredients of the cream?

Ans. Our cold cream contains natural and effective ingredients like kumkumadi, haridra, mandookparni, kesar, neem, yashti madhu, aloe vera and loads of love 🙂

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  1. harleen.kaur

    I strongly recommend this product. I use this cold cream daily it makes my skin smooth and moisturize without making it look greasy or oily. Its prices are also amazing.

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