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Orthoscot Pain-Relieving Liniment

Orthoscot Pain-Relieving Liniment

Don’t let your knee and joint pains affect your daily lifestyle. You need a flexible body to bend down, sit, get up and even when you are sleeping. If any of the bones in your body is decalcified, it will affect your body movement and structure. And you simply cannot let that happen.

Orthoscot Pain Relieving Liniment

Pain management by alternative medicines depends more on the knowledge, experience and quality of Ingredients used.

In Orthoscot Liniment we have chosen different polyherbal combination which works directly to counter inflammation there by giving immediately symptomatic relief in pain.

We have 2 ingredients common with other competitors ie, Gaultheria Oil and Menthol but we have added almost 3-4 times more then other brands.

In addition our Liniment base is a Nano Emulsion for maximum absorption there by giving maximum results
The base is compatible with skin so that it is absorbed quickly and retains upto maximum time

Orthoscot Bone Liniment

Mend the bone faster and stonger

Orthoscot Anti-inflammatory liniment has special affinity for the bones and deep skeletal issues (nasty bruises, bone bruises) including inflamed injuries of tendons, ligaments, and sinews or anywhere else. As a both, bone and inflammation related liniment this is a dual purpose liniment.

Orthoscot is effective to assist in healing of fractures, bone bruises, deep trauma, sore muscles, anything skeletal related including heavy bruises and deep seated soreness, and a remedy for inflammation. Bone bruises hurt, keep a bottle around.

Combine with OrthoscotTablets for bone breaks, fractures, and other small bone injuries. This will ensure a fast, strong, and healthy bone fracture recovery in a shorter amount of time. This formula is ALSO great to use for inflammation (anti inflammatory liniment), so at the onset of a bone break it works for pain and will remove blood stasis, then apply to help mend the bone faster and stronger.

Action : Move inflammation out of the area and brings in fresh healing blood,Reduces Pain
-Most popular for bone bruise treatment and remedy for treating inflammation, the best anti-inflammatory liniment

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