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Joint Pain Relief Oil


Best pain relief oil in India

Are you tired of the joint pains? Are you looking for a permanent solution to end your joint pains? If you are searching for answers to these questions, then the search ends here. You have landed on the right page, in this article, we are emphasizing ayurvedic herbs that help to reduce joint pains. Although there are multiple painkillers, liniments, spray present that reduces the pain upto some extent. But have ever thought, these solutions are temporary, you need a permanent solution to put these pains to an end and start enjoying your lifestyle. This is possible if you use some herbal, ayurvedic extracts, so this article represents one of the ayurvedic product named Orthoscot Liniment. Best pain relief oil in India We will explore in detail information about Orthoscot liniment product, its structure, the ingredients that are use in the preparation of Orthoscot Liniment oil, the benefits of using the oil, advantages of using Orthoscot Liniment,† Steps and portion to apply, tricks of how you can get faster relief, Buying guide for selecting the best pain relief oil in India, and few FAQs to clear off your doubts. Before starting, letís have an interactive talk to get to know more about how to get relief from joint pains.

What is prefer more to get relief from joint pains?

As per the survey, 70% of the globe prefer oils to get relief from joint pains as compared to spray or tablet. The research says that people who have long-term joint pains use oils and hire a physiotherapist for better recovery, but the people who have mid-term joint pains use oils and sprays to get relief, whereas those who have short term joint pains use tablets or painkillers to get relief of the pain. So from this survey, we have decide to manufacture ayurvedic oil, made up of pure herbs, also it is design and manufacture in India. Scot Beauty Healthcare Unlimited made Orthoscot Liniment Oil, tablet, roll-on to reduce the joint pain permanently so that you can enjoy your lifestyle without any pain. We are beginning with the introduction to Orthoscot Liniment Oil, also we are having a look at the tablet and roll-on.

Introduction to Orthoscot Liniment Oil

Orthoscot Liniment is one of the products that is effectively a herbal oil and it is purely ayurvedic. Mostly, for joint pains, it is very effective and has a long-lasting power. If you are suffering from joint pains in the shoulder, knee, elbow, muscles, back, and leg or pain in nerves, acute, then you need some medicinal herbs to relieve the pain. Orthoscot liniment is a combo of powerful medicinal herbs with ingredients add as Boswellia serrata roxb oil, Curcuma longa oil, Zingiber officinale oil, Mentha pipreta linn, Gandhpura, further, we have converted it into tablets by adding the following contents like Liniment base, Menthol, Kapoor, Methyl salicylate, Tarpin, Capsicum, Mahanarayan oil. The structure of Orthoscot is in the form of tablets, a glass bottle that contains oil, and a roll-on bottle. Orthoscot Liniment is soothing, itís polyherbal nature causes instant results, over joints pains. Within no matter of time, you will feel relieved from pain. You will be able to manage your pain with the help of the Orthoscot Liniment product. We are discussing ahead in detail about every ingredient and how is it helpful for you, also why scot beauty has used while preparing Orthoscot Liniment.

Ingredients Used in Orthoscot Liniment Oil

We have mentione below, brief information on the ingredients that are use in the preparation of Orthoscot Liniment oil. Boswellia serrata roxb oil- Boswellia is an Indian extract herb which is in a form of resin, it is extract from Boswellia serrata tree. It is a fruitful painkiller, in terms of health issues, Boswellia Serrata has proved as the best medicine and has made the disease cured instantly. Due to its tons of benefits, we have used Boswellia serrata as an ingredient. Curcuma longa oil- Curcuma longa oil is known as turmeric, turmeric is an Indian spice, also it is a healing spice too, which can be used over the face to treat skin disease, to heal sunburn, etc. To summarise, Curcuma longa has lots of beneficial effects on health. One of them is to treat joint pains and inflammatory, according to the research, harmful joint diseases like arthritis, osteoarthritis, chronic inflammatory diseases are destructive and hurt us. These joint diseases disable the working flow of your day-to-day schedule. But Curcuma longa oil has a good impact to recover these joint disease, hence In preparation of Orthoscot Liniment oil, we have used Curcuma longa oil as an ingredient to fight against joint pain. Zingiber officinale oil- Zingiber officinale oil is the scientific name of Ginger oil. In the common Indian language, we pronounce it as ginger oil. Ginger oil is extracted from the roots of the ginger plant, also named rhizome. Ginger oil holds the same amount of health benefits that the Curcuma longa plant has, Ginger oil is potentially used to help and provide ease in conditions like arthritis. So the use of ginger oil is another ayurvedic weapon to heal the joint disease. Thus, we have added ginger oil in the formulation of Orthoscot liniment oil. Gandhapura- Gandhapura is a shrub with branched leaves, the oil is extracted and is used for the treatment of acute rheumatism, sciatica, and neuralgia. Most people, those who suffer from sciatica must use this Gandhapura oil, to get relieved from the pain. It consists of anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, pain reliever properties, it is rich in herbs, and thus, we have used Gandhapura as an ingredient in the formulation of Orthoscot Liniment oil.

Ingredients Used in Orthoscot Liniment Tablets

Menthol- Menthol is a mint component and has properties like coolness, feeling a kind of coldness. Menthol when applied to muscles and joint paints, its effect dives deeper and deeper, this distracts our mind from the pain and will get us relief. Well, Menthol is use to improve minor aches, joints, back sprains. Hence, in this way, we thought of adding menthol as an ingredient in the formulation of the Orthoscot Liniment tablet. Kapoor- Kapoor called camphor, is one of the Indian product that is used in medicines like balms, or some oils. Camphor oil is extracted from the wood of the camphor tree, it is used in vapor rubs, also it heals the joint pains easily. Camphor is effective and does an excellent job, of applying on the muscles or joints, the skins absorb it instantly. The good impact of camphor on relieving joint pain has provided us an idea of using it as an ingredient in Orthoscot tablets. Methyl salicylate- Methyl salicylate is the same as Menthol, it contains the same functionalities that menthol has and also treats effectively joint pain, nerve pain, back sprain, aches, etc. Hence, we have used it as an ingredient in the production of Orthoscot Liniment Tablets. Turpentine oil- Turpentine oil is an essential oil extracted from the pine tree, it is used to heal joint pains. It is used for relieving joint pain, muscle pain, toothaches, nerve pain. It has a drastic effect once applied to the pain. Therefore, Turpentine oil has a good outcome hence, we decided to add-on as an ingredient in the formulation of the Orthoscot Liniment tablet. Capsicum- Most people have a misconception that Capsicum is only use as a vegetable for cooking, but thatís not the case. Because capsicum has some health benefits too, the health benefits in terms of lowering cancer risk, weight loss, improve metabolism, also it helps in curing the joint pains, muscle pain, and also boosts immunity. Thus, capsicum has these many hidden health benefits which people are not aware of, hence we have included capsicum as an ingredient. Mahanarayan oil- Mahanarayan oil melts the tension of the muscle, it treats joint pains, sore muscles. Mahanarayn oil is mostly use in the tropical region, the population in the tropical region uses Mahanarayan oil to get rid of arthritis, inflammation, stress, headache, etc. Hence, Mahanarayan oil is use effectively to relieve joint pains. Hence, we have used it in the formulation of the Orthoscot Liniment tablet, Mahanarayan oil helps cure joint pains, nerve pains, etc. We have covered till now the most amazing facts, health benefits of the most specialized herbal organic products that we have used as an ingredient in the preparation of the Orthoscot Liniment oil and tablet. The same ingredients are used in Orhoscot Liniment Roll-on too. you must have got ample knowledge about the ingredients and the reason behind using this particular ingredient, moving ahead to have a look at the benefits that you can avail on using the Orthoscot Liniment oil, tablets, and roll-on.†

Benefits Of using Orthoscot Oil, Tablets, and Roll-on

Below some of the benefits are list:

  • For shoulder pain, backache, joint pains, strains, muscles pain, minor aches and pains
  • Relieve pain and stiffness during arthritis, sore muscular aches, and muscle strains
  • Useful in lumbago, sciatica, muscular pains, stiffness of joints, neuralgia, and sprains.
  • Warm penetrating action provides fast, long-lasting pain relief and comfort for hours.
  • Rubbing causes Vasodilation thus relaxes tight muscle stiffness during arthritis, sore muscular aches, and muscle strains.
  • Liniment stimulates circulation in the areas where applied eases pain and burning sensation of feet in diabetic neuropathy
  • Hypothermia effect of liniment gives temporary relief from pain in Lumbago, Sciatica, Muscular Pains. Shoulder Pain, Backache, Joint Pains, Sprains, Muscles Pain,
  • Minor Aches and Sports warming up.
  • Liniment is well absorbe by the skin and has high bioavailability.
  • Liniment is better apply to the skin, leaving fewer traces on the skin and clothing of the patient.
  • Effective in treating numbness
  • Tingling
  • Painful Sansation with natural actives Shallaki, Nirgundi, & Shudh Guggulu

Advantages of using Orthoscot Oil, Tablets, Roll-on

  • Portable: easy to carry and handle
  • Instant results, long-lasting effect
  • Menthol and cool effect on applying.
  • Major relieving effect on joints.
We have captured a lot more information about the Orthoscot Liniment oil, tablets, and roll-on. You might have reach a point where an image of Orthoscot Liniment oil is drawn along with the benefits, advantages. We have come at the end, this is all about the Orthoscot Liniment Oil, tablets, and roll-on. The next focus point is the buying guide for selecting the best pain relief Ayurveda oil that will relieve your pain instantly. Before that, we are mentioning below the steps for how to apply Orthoscot Liniment Oil?

Steps for Applying the Orthoscot Liniment Oil

  1. Apply the Orthoscot Liniment Oil or roll-on on the painful area.
  2. Massage gently on that painful surface.
  3. Leave it for some time and experience the long-lasting effect.

Buying Guide: How to Select the Best pain relief Ayurveda oil online

†If it is a bit expensive, still check for the quality of the product. Below, we have mentioned a perfect buying guide for selecting pain relief Ayurveda oil. Ingredients- Instead of buying medicines to resolve the pain, you are planning to purchase oil. So it is important to check for the ingredients present in that oil. Also, you have check whether the ingredients present are herbal? And the benefits of using that oil. Budget- The pain relief oil that you are selecting must be budget. Quality-wise should be good, and should at a reasonable price. Long-lasting effect- Always buy that oil that has a long-lasting effect on the pain and can be use permanently.† Thus, consider the above points before buying or selecting the best pain relief Ayurveda oil online. Now letís have a quick view of the FAQ so that you can get more clarity.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

Q1. what is a relief map? Ans: A relief map is a path that puts your struggle to an end. In this article, we have discussed† how Orthoscot Liniment oil has provided relief to joint pains. Q2. Can joint pain supplements relieve the pain permanently? Ans: No. As per the survey mentione in this article, it is highly recommend to use oil. Q3. Is mustard seed oil good for arthritis and joint pain? Ans: No. We prefer you to use the Orthoscot Liniment oil, it is good for arthritis and joint pain both. Q4. can you get joint pain from Crohnís disease? Ans: No, mostly joint pains are faced by age people, whose age is above 45. Q5. what kind of supplements can I take to relieve the joint pain? Ans: You can consume Orthoscot Liniment tablets, it has multiple combinations of herbal ingredients that will relieve the joint pain. Q6. what is the best joint pain relief medicine available? Ans: We are stringy recommending you to consume Orthoscot Liniment Tablets. As per the given guidelines to get relief from the joint pains. Q7.what is the best knee joint pain cream out there? Ans: Instead of using cream, for the knee joint you can prefer either the Orthoscot Liniment oil or the roll-on. Q8. what can you do for relief from joint pain? Ans: You can use either tablets or Orthoscot Liniment oil or roll-on to get rid of joint pain.


Thus, in this article, we discussed Orthoscot Liniment oil, tablets, and roll-on. We start with an introduction of a new product that is pain relief Ayurveda oil also call Orthoscot Liniment Oil, tablets, roll-on. Later, we gathered some benefits of using Orthoscot Liniment Oil, tablets, roll-on, also Orthoscot Liniment Oil, tablets. Roll-on has a list of advantages displayed, you can refer to these advantages before buying it.† Then, we discussed the steps of using Orthoscot Liniment Oil, tablets, roll-on. Its steps are easy to follow, moreover, it is cost-effective and relieves joint pains, nerve pains. Then, we have mentioned a buying guide to pick up good, well-suited pain relief Ayurveda oil for you. Here, we end with the article, we would strongly recommend you to use Orthoscot Liniment Oil, tablets, and roll-on