Hepascot+Four Germscot hand sanitizer free


•Hepascot LOLA converts ammonia to urea,reduce burdan of liver
incrteases function liver capacity
PANCREATIN helps to digest carbohydrates
Packing (10*10 Tablet in 1 box) • four numbers of Gremscot Hand sanitizer free worth RS300

Price: Rs 1100


• • improves in survival.
reduction in ammonia levels during and at end of 72 hours LOLA infusion
improvement of encephalopathy by one or more grades
reduction of consciousness recovery time among survivores
prolongation of consciousness recovery time among survivors
prevention/reduction of cerebral edema

How to use

one or two sachets,three time a day,dissolved in liquid(a glass of water,tea or juice)
Adults:250-500 mg 3 times a day
Children: 5-10 ml daily


L-Ornithine L-Aspartate



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