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Germscot: Best Herbal Hand Wash Available Online

Handwash is meant to be an essential element these days. We all were well aware of handwash and its uses, but few of us were not applying it in our daily schedule. Due to this pandemic outbreak, it has been highly mandatory to use the hand wash every day before moving out or entering in. Hence, handwash has become an essential element in our daily life. Now coming on towards our choices, everyone wants the best for them. But have you ever thought about how will you categorize them? How will you find which one is the best handwash for you? Still, before asking you questions, we would like to ask what is the reason behind using handwash. Therefore, before jumping to any conclusion it is important to get a deep knowledge about the product. As the product, we are discussing is handwash, so we will first expand our views on What is a Handwash? Why use handwash? And Any other types of Handwash are present? So Let’s begin the article by knowing the answers to the above questions asked.

What is Hand Wash?

A HandWash is a liquid cleaning formulated agent that kills germs, bacteria, micro-organisms and protects us from any infection or disease. Also, a handwash can be used to prevent our hands from being affected by any infection. A handwash is used before and after outside activities.

What are the reasons behind using a handwash?

Using a handwash is mandatory as it helps in killing germs, micro-organisms, bacteria, and any other type of germs. Also, it is pretty much clear that washing hands with only water is not sufficient for killing the germs, below are some reasons mentioned that indicates the reason for using a handwash:

  • Prevent us from being ill
  • Protect us from harmful germs like bacteria, micro-organisms.
  • Keeps us safe and prevents germs from entering into our body via the eyes, nose.

In our day-to-day curriculum, we touch different devices like cell phones, money while exchange, light-fan switches, laptops, etc. According to research taking place these days, it is proven that most of the bacteria marks are found over the above-mentioned devices. Hence, using handwash is important after touching these various things, washing hand with handwash liquid will kill 99% of these germs and will stop these germs from entering our body. From the above section, it is clear that using handwash is necessary, hence in this article, we will introduce you to a herbal handwash that is efficient, moisturized, and is capable of killing germs without any side-effects to skin. The product is Germscot Handwash, below do read a brief introduction about the product.

Introduction to Germscot Herbal Hand Wash

Germscot HandWash is a herbal handwash and is purely prepared using natural ingredients like aloe vera, neem, tulsi, lemon extract. Germscot Handwash belongs to ScotBeauty Healthcare Unlimited. Germscot handwash serves the most featured organic products that include natural extracts, the natural products act as an immune booster, it builds our immune system strong. Germscot handwash is an ayurvedic product recommended by WHO. Its ingredients themselves makes the product natural that provides protection and an overwhelming experience to your skin. There must a question raised in your mind, what is the difference between Germscot handwash and any other handwash that is present in the market. So let’s have a look at the difference between another handwash present in the market and the Germscot handwash present.

Difference Between Germscot Handwash and Other Handwash available online or in markets of India


Parameters Germscot Handwash Other Handwash like Common in market
Percentage of natural ingredients used Germscot is a herbal product hence 99% natural ingredients are used In other brand handwashes, only 60-65% of natural ingredients are used.
Ingredients used in handwash Aloe vera, Tulsi, Lemon, Neem, Haridra Triclosan, TCC
Effective Most effective Less effective
Harmful No chance of being harmed. Slight chances of being harmed.

The above difference indicates some points where it is been proved that Germscot Handwash is purely a herbal product and has natural ingredients in it. Also, it has Haridra as an ingredient whose specialty is to protect one from any allergic harm. It overcomes any kind of disease or health issues it may be diabetes or any other disease. It can fight germs, also it is good for the skin as there is no chance of being harmed. Before proceeding ahead in the discussion, let’s discuss in brief the ingredients and benefits that you can get from that. For more details scroll down and read the brief detailing about the ingredients used.

Ingredients Used In Germscot Handwash

We have discussed till now what is a handwash, the reasons behind using a handwash, introduction to Germscot Handwash, Difference between Germscot handwash and the other handwash available in the market. The above-mentioned difference must have cleared some of your queries regarding Germscot Herbal Handwash. But everyone needs more clarity and should clear their queries in detail. Thinking for the same, we have done some analysis and below, we have mentioned in detail information about each ingredient used in Germscot Handwash.

Aloe vera – Aloe vera is a natural product and most importantly it’s a herbal product that is organic and is best recommended for the skin irrespective of the type of skin. Aloe vera consists of moisturizing contents that keeps our hand soft. The same thought is present behind using aloe vera in alcohol-based hand sanitizer. After applying other hand sanitizers, you must have experienced some dryness over your hand, this is due to a lack of aloe vera present. Germscot hand sanitizer leaves hands soft and smooth due to the presence of aloe vera.

Lemon- Lemon is the other ingredient that was used in the preparation of Germscot instant hand sanitizer. Lemon is originally an antiseptic, it has refreshing elements like cooling properties, essential oils, citric flavors. Due to these natural compounds present in lemon, Germscot has used lemon as an ingredient, due to its natural extracts and antiseptics present.

Neem- Well, everyone is aware of the benefits of using neem. Neem is one of the herb ingredients that help to boost one’s immunity. In this pandemic outbreak, it is essential to make your immunity strong; hence Germscot thought of using neem as an ingredient. Thus neem makes Germscot instant hand sanitizer has a herbal product.

Tulsi- Tulsi, is one of the organic ingredients that has been used in the preparation of Germscot handwash. Tulsi leaves have natural extracts that when added to any product give an essence of the booster. Using tulsi in any product can reduce stress, fatigue. It can restore the natural tone of your skin. It nourishes your skin and boosts your immune system. Tulsi has proven excellent for dry skin types, when applied over the skin its pores enter into the skin and refreshen them. Tulsi eliminates harmful bacteria, germs, micro-organisms, etc. Hence Tulsi has uncountable benefits and surely you will get to see the results of using Germscot Handwash.

Haridra- Haridra is another organic one discovered that when used will provide great benefits. Haridra is the most popular ingredient that is called turmeric in English. On applying it on hand, Haridra will remove other germs and bacteria, which also is helpful for inflammatory skin. The reason behind using Haridra is that it is feasible for every skin and also will dissolve the allergy.
The above contents highlight few beneficial points about the ingredients that have been used in preparation for Germscot Handwash. These ingredients are purely organic, contain natural herbs, which act as disinfecting agents. Using Germscot handwash will protect you from harmful germs, will prevent you from illness, and will not affect your skin. Hence, we strongly recommend you to use Germscot Handwash as your safety is our priority. We end here with a brief overview of Germscot Handwash, proceeding ahead and focusing more on the advantages of Germscot Handwash.

Advantages of Germscot Handwash

  1. Protection from harmful germs, bacteria, microorganisms.
  2. Prevents infecting agents from entering our body.
  3. Removes Oils, specks of dirt effectively from the skin.
  4. The natural extracts of herbs enlighten skins and leave our hands fresh.
  5. Lemon that is used as an ingredient in Germscot Handwash has antiseptic and fungal properties that disable the bacteria and prevents us from illness.
  6. These are some advantages that we have mentioned above. These advantages must have cleared all your doubts related to Germscot Handwash. Let’s begin with some benefits below.

Benefits Of Germscot HandWash

You will get to use the herbal handwash which is natural and purely organic without any added preservatives.
This handwash is recommended by WHO and is dermatologist tested.
Germscot handwash effectively washes your hands without leaving them dry.
Drastic results and immediate protection from infections.
With the power of 9 herbs, you can now fight against germs fearlessly.


In this article, we have successfully covered important concepts about handwash. Also, we have introduced a new herbal handwash called Germscot Handwash. We have discussed more on the introduction of Germscot handwash, the difference between Germscot Handwash and another handwash present in the market, also discussed detailed information about the ingredients used in Germscot handwash, further we discussed more on advantages and benefits of Germscot Handwash. So, we strongly recommend you to start using Germscot Handwash and get instant results.

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