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Hand Sanitizers available on Indian Markets


WHY HAND SANITIZER? why hand sanitizers are important to use?

Coronavirus is a very small biological entity which is different from bacteria in many aspects but the basic principle to destroy there cell membrane using chemical is same. In case of corona virus there is a lipid membrane which can be destroyed by using hand sanitizer and hand wash.


With the corona virus pandemic at it's peak, there is a large scale shortage of hand sanitizer in the market. Taking advantage of such an occasion many uncertified hand sanitizer are being sold in the market which does more harm than good. So it is imperative to know which hand sanitizers are actually good and follow proper guidelines as mentioned by the WHO before anyone buys them. Top 5 hand sanitizers companies in india 2020 during coronavirus covid19 outbreak in India: 1. Himalaya 4.4/5 2. Purell 4.1/5 3. Dettol 4.3/5 4. Lifebuoy 4.5/5 5. Scotbeauty healthcare all above companies' ratings are as per the user's reviews on online platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart and are top sellers.  

HANDWASHING VS HAND SANITIZER? which is best to use?

Experts believe that hand washing with soap or a hand wash (preferred) for 20 sec can kill coronavirus but due to unavailability of hand washing areas in public places hand sanitizer is a better option. Hand sanitizer which are alcohol based with a minimum 60% are considered good. Hand washing may kill corona virus but your hands are more vulnerable to it afterwards whereas hand sanitizer not only kills it but also create a protective covering for a certain time. Overuse of hand sanitizer is dangerous because they are chemicals which may cause hand irritation and several other issues. Genius Uses for Hand Sanitizer You’ll Wish You Knew Before Germscot hand sanitizer Related topics Is Hand Sanitizers Better Than Soap and Water? Hand Sanitizer in Coronavirus: How does It work?` Hand Sanitizer Manufacturers In India Top company Hand Sanitizer Manufacturers in India Best Hand Sanitizer In India Hand Sanitizer Online Sanitizer Online Best Hand Sanitizer Contact Details Name – Akarshan Kapila. E-mail – Contact number –+91-7889028274, +91-9216767741. Are you looking for Hand sanitizer manufacturer in India ? Don't worry we Scotbeauty Healthcare best Ayurvedic herbal company in India a division of Pharma Drugs & Chemicals Best and top pcd Pharma company in India is serving its purpose to help our nation free from covid19 virus, we have taken the initiative and all our team is prepared for working day and night for helping our nation to fulfill the needs and supply of hand sanitizers to all the hospitals and shops. we are ready to accept third party orders of hand sanitizers,