Shudh herbal Instant Hand Sanitizer

Goodness of aloe, neem and Tulsi

IPA alcohol based -60%

Non sticky,No water required


Convenient,waterless hand wash
Safety allergy dermatologist tested
Effectively distinct hands without drying skin
Provides immediate protection by killing 99.99% of most common germs & bacteria






Tea tree oil
Wheat germ
Lactic acid

Best Hand sanitizer online

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Are alcohol-free sanitizers working perfectly?

No, alcohol-free sanitizers on your hands don’t remove germs. To minimise the amount of germs in your mouth, you need an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that has at least 60 percent alcohol.

To clean your hands, how much hand sanitizer is required?

Follow the directions on the hand sanitizer bottle. You would be told by most to use a quantity the size of a fifth. You need to cover all the surfaces of your palms, your tops, your bottoms, your thumbs, your fingertips and your fingernails, and rub about two inches of your wrist.

When using hand sanitizer, how long do you rub your hands together?

For about 15-30 seconds, rub your hands together about the time it takes to sing the song Happy Birthday to You or until your hands feel dry.

Do I have to wait for the hand sanitizer on my skin to dry out?

Yeah. Yes. Rub your hands together until the skin feels dry from the hand sanitizer. DO NOT wave your hands around to dry them otherwise microorganisms that are in the air will be picked up.

Instead of hand sanitizer, when do you need to use soap and water?
On hands that are greasy or heavily soiled, hand sanitizers are not as successful. After food handling, playing sports, gardening, hiking, fishing or working on cars, it is best to use soap and water.

Is my hand sanitizer bad for my skin? I have eczema.

With soap and water, it is safer for people with eczema to wash their hands, then apply hand cream. Hand sanitizers can make eczema skin very irritating. After your hands are cleaned, add moisturising cream if you have to use hand sanitizer. Avoid hand sanitizers with essential oils, because they can further irritate the skin.

After using hand sanitizer, may I wave my hands around to dry them?

Oh, no. DO NOT wave your hands around to dry them otherwise microorganisms that are in the air will be picked up.

Are natural hand sanitizers good or bad?

At present, evidence shows that natural or herbal hand sanitizers are NOT effective in destroying germs.
How much minimum alcohol content is required for hand sanitizer to be good & effective?
Best Hand sanitizers need to be at least 60% alcohol to kill germs.
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