Germscot Automatic hand sanitizer dispenser 8 litre.

Germscot Automatic dispensor

8 Litre capacity 1 year warrenty 650 sprays
Non-sticky, no water required, spray nozzle, convenient and economical



As per WHO recommendations and as per government regular sanitization is necessary for offices and workplaces to do and with this, we had launched our automatic no-touch hand sanitizer dispenser which is Convenient, waterless hand wash
Safety allergy dermatologist tested and best use with Germscot hand sanitizers Liquid/Gel
Effectively distinct hands without drying skin and spray technology which disinfects with just 5ml
Provides immediate protection by killing 99.99% of most common germs, viruses & bacteria


1-year domestic warranty on parts applicable only when Germscot hand sanitizer is used for warranty related and refilling contact Customer care.
40% off use code SCOT40
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