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Foaming Face Wash

Foaming Face Wash

Best face wash for acne and pimples


Acne and pimples usually occur on our skin because of the oily glands that attract the hairs present on the face. This result has pimples coming onto the face. In India, around 22 million of the population are affected by acne and pimples. Thus, having acne and pimples on your face has turned into a major problem these days. 


Best face wash for acne prone skin in India

According to Indian Market Research, around 90% of the population including both men and women are trying remedies for their acnes. Also, a few of them concerns dermatologist for the treatment of this skin disorder. The most common and effective way to recover this disease is facewash. Facewash is used by most of the population to cleanse their face. 


Also, dermatologists have recommended which kind of facewash to be used. In this article, we are going to explain more on facewash, further we will expanding our discussion on some specific topics that are mentioned ahead.


What is Facewash?


Facewash is a cleansing liquid that is used to cleanse your face. Facewash helps to remove dirt, cleanse pores, also it is used to remove oil from your face and impurities. Dermatologist recommends using face wash as a remedy for acne and pimples instead of any other method.


What is the Need for using Facewash?


Below we have listed some of the reasons which indicate why facewash is mandatory?

  • Soft and glowing face
  • Removes oil, impurities, pores from the face
  • Cleanse the oily glands 
  • Using facewash, acne and pimples disappear.
  • Grants a fresh look to your face.


As for now, you got a clear idea about the needs of facewash, and the importance of using it. The market size of using unisex facewash is more in India, the sales of facewash have increased due to a different touch on the face and the raising skin. In this article, we are introducing the best facewash, that enlightens your face, it is named Ecnescot Foaming Facewash. Ecnescot foaming facewash is manufactured in India and is designed especially for acne skin. Scroll down and read more about Ecnescot Foaming Facewash.


Introduction To Ecnescot Foaming Facewash


Ecnescot foaming face wash is one of the beauty products developed by Scot Beauty Healthcare Unlimited Company, made in India. The best part of Ecnescot foaming face wash is that it is a herbal facewash, made with organic and natural extracts. The structure of Ecnescot Foaming face wash is like a spray liquid, with some herbal ingredients included like Neem extract, Curcuma Longa, Saffron extract, Licorice, and Tea Tree oil. 


The benefits of these ingredients will mention in a further section. Ecnescot foaming facewash is effective for any type of skin, it will create a glow on your face. In further sections, we will take you through a detailed explanation of ingredients, advantages of Ecnescot foaming facewash, benefits of using Ecnescot foaming facewash, steps for using Ecnescot foaming facewash, and at the end will up with frequently asked questions. So let’s begin with the ingredients used in Ecnescot Foaming Facewash.


Why we are the Best face wash for acne and pimples

Here are the Shudh herbal Ingredients Used In Ecnescot Foaming Facewash


In this section, we are explaining, in brief, the ingredients that are used In Ecnescot Facewash,


Neem- As you are aware that neem is very beneficial for health. Neem extracts are essential and helpful in the removal of acne. Neem has antifungal properties that prevent skin diseases like acne, pimples, scars, pigmentation, and blackheads. Neem when used over the face act as a skin toner. Neem leaves contain the moisturizing element, that keeps our skin smooth and soft. While manufacturing Ecnescot foaming facewash, Neem is used as an ingredient so the facewash is herbal and made up of herbs. You can use neem for various health-related issues.


Curcuma Longa- Curcuma Longa is a compound of turmeric. According to research, Curcuma Longa is suggested for resolving health-related issues. Even, Dermatologists are preferring Curcuma Longa for resolving the issue. Curcuma Longa has antibacterial properties that make the scars, acne disappears. Curcuma Longa has antibacterial properties that fight with the bacteria, also it’s ayurvedic nature reduces acne, redness, pimple swelling. You can use Curcuma longa and combine it with any other herb, it is very effective for the skin. The best skin treatment is the natural product, hence ScotBeauty has combined these herbs, and manufactured Ecnescot foaming facewash.


Saffron Extract- Saffron one of the well-known spice in India, also known as Kesar, Although, saffron is used in cooking, garnishing, etc. Along with the garnishing properties, it has multiple health benefits. According to research, saffron is a natural product, one drop of saffron has a drastic effect on the skin. Saffron has some medicinal properties, that reduce acne, fight against breakouts. So, we have used the saffron extract in Ecnescot foaming facewash that will provide you glowing skin, and a brighter look.


Licorice- Licorice is an anti-aging herb that has a good impact on skin conditions. Licorice roots are well-known for skin disease treatments like acne. It is beneficial for our face, also it acts as a sunscreen too. Licorice has enzymes to fight against the harmful rays. It lightens the skin, also its antibacterial properties breakout the bacteria clears the acne, and make our skin glow. Licorice also prevents our skins from dark spots, it is used in the formation of medicines too. Due to the tons of benefits, Licorice is used as an ingredient in Ecnescot foaming facewash.


Tea Tree Oil-  Tea Tree oil is famous for using as an anti-agent for acne and scars. Tea Tree Oil has medicinal compounds that affect the skin and makes it glow. It’s anti-inflammatory properties, protects our skin from acne, and leaves the skin clean and clear.


You have got a brief detail about the ingredients that are used in the preparation of Ecenscot foaming facewash. This is an herbal facewash, made up of herbs. Instead of using these herbs separately, use Ecenscot foaming facewash, and get glowing acne-free skin. The ingredients used have high medicinal, anti-bacterial properties that control the acne and provides a glow on the face.


Benefits Of Using Ecnescot Foaming Facewash:


  • Get back your natural skin, with the same glow and brightness.
  • Get rid of acne, scars, pimples, dark spots.
  • Removal of dirt, impurities, oils that are present on the face.
  • Chemical-free, and no added preservatives.
  • It is absolutely paraben free and sulphate free.
  • No side-effects and itching irritation.
  • The facewash acts as a sunscreen that protects the skin from harmful UV rays.


Thus, you are getting multiple benefits using Ecnescot foaming facewash. With this, we end up with the benefits part, now let’s begin with the advantages of using the Ecnescot Foaming Facewash.


Advantages of Ecnescot Foaming Facewash


Check for the below list of advantages that Ecnescot foaming facewash caters you:


  • Saves water. You must be thinking how? Ecnescot facewash requires less amount of water to wash the face.
  • Easy to handle, due to its spray pump.
  • Portable and cost-effective
  • High-level quality of herbs is used.
  • Concentrated quantity
  • The long-lasting effect after applying it on the face.
  • Immediate action taker.


Thus, we have listed the advantages of using Ecnescot Foaming facewash. You use the facewash and get instant results on your skin. This facewash is recommended by a Dermatologist and is proven useful too. Now, you have got a clear idea about the Ecnescot foaming facewash. You must be wondering to check for the steps of using Ecnescot Foaming Facewash. 


Steps For Using Ecnescot Foaming Facewash


Follow-up with the below steps to get efficient results:


  1. Take a small quantity of Ecnescot Foaming Facewash, press the spray pump once.
  2. Apply it over the face in a circular motion, spread it through every end.
  3. Wash the face, you will need only a small quantity of water to wash.
  4. Take a small piece of cloth and pat your face slightly.


We would strongly recommend you to use the Ecnescot foaming facewash twice a day. 


Thus follow the above steps to get more bright skin, improve your face tone, and meet the natural glow on your face. We end here now, we have discussed every possible angle about Ecnescot Foaming Facewash, now let’s have look at the buying aspects that you should check for before buying.


Buying Guide: How to buy the best facewash online?


Before purchasing any product, it is very important to have a look at the reviews, buying guide of the products. So below, we have mentioned some categories that you should have a look at before purchasing the product.


Type of skin- The first thing that you should for before buying is the type of skin. Check for which type of skin is the product, and select accordingly. The skin type can be sensitive, dry, tough, etc.


Check for Ingredients- On the backside of the product, you get to see the ingredients that are used for preparation. Make sure that the ingredients are herbal, and organic herbs are used.


Try for specific facewash- Today, in the market, there is limitless facewash available with different flavors and different categories. Few of them, maybe specifically for acne, a few of them may be for pimple control, etc. Thus, choose according to your need.


Prefer Herbal Facewash- Some synthetic facewash uses harmful chemicals like sulphate and paraben, these are harmful to the skin and will damage our face. So always prefer facewash that is made up of natural products.


Follow instructions- Whichever facewash you buy, make sure that you follow correct instructions for using facewash. Use the facewash with the proper quantity. 


The above mentioned are few buying aspects that you should look at before buying. Thus, we end up with the facewash, herbal facewash, introduction to herbal facewash, introduction to Ecnescot facewash, benefits, advantages, and buying guide for facewash. Now, further, we have cleared some doubt of people, and have presented in FAQs.


Frequently Asked Questions


1.What are the benefits of using organic herbal facewash?

Ans: Organic herbal facewash is chemical-free, it easily removes dead cells, acne, and makes glow to appear natural.


2.Which is a good facewash to use every day?

Ans: Ecnescot foaming face wash is a good face wash to use daily, as it is quantity-orients and cost-effective.


3.Why to wash your face every day?

Ans: Washing face every day with face wash will remove impurities, oil, dirt, and other harmful contents on the face.


4.How many times should I use the facewash?

Ans: You can use the face wash twice a day or depending upon your need you can use it.


5.Does Ecnescot face wash contains natural ingredients?

Ans: Yes, Ecnescot face wash contains natural ingredients like neem, saffron, licorice, tea tree oil, Curcuma longa, etc.


6.Do Ecnescot face wash a foam-based facewash?

Ans: Yes, Ecnescot face wash is a foam-based facewash. Taking only one drop and moving it over circular motion all over the face gives a different glow on the face.




Thus, in this article, we discussed Ecenscot foaming face wash. We started with an introduction of normal market-based synthetic face wash, what are facewash and its need? Also, we have mentioned a brief on the market size of the face wash. Further, we showcased a new product that is herbal face wash also called as Ecnescot foaming facewash. Later, we gathered some benefits of using Ecnescot foaming face wash, also Ecnescot foaming face wash has a list of advantages displayed, you can refer to these advantages before buying it. 


Then, we discussed the procedure of using Ecnescot foaming face wash. Its steps are easy to follow, moreover, it is cost-effective and saves water. Then, we have mentioned a buying guide to pick up good, well-suited face wash for you. If you face doubt or confusion while purchasing the face wash, you can refer to the buying guide for more details. In the end, we included the frequently asked questions, this section includes every doubt that a visitor has before making a purchase. Here, we end with the article, we would strongly recommend you to use Ecnescot foaming face wash.

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