Ecnescot Foaming Facewash for Acne Skin


Shudh herbal
Ecnescot foaming face wash
With Neem & Haldi •250 sprays minimum
One spray is enough for complete face wash
• Has foaming technology
So initial use of water is not required so it saves water
Two numbers of Gremscot Hand sanitizer free worth RS150

Price: Rs 295


it gives ecne free skin.
it also helps to removing access oil and impurities

How to use

Moisten face,put small quantity of ecnescot foaming facewash in circular motion.Wash off and pat dry.Use twice daily or as required


Neem extract

Curcuma Longa

Saffron extract


Tea tree oil


Frequently Asked Questions :
1. Which is the best facewash to use for acne prone skin?
· Ecnescot Foaming Facewash is the best facewash that can be used as it clears the acne prone
skin to make your face look flawless.
2. What is special about Ecnescot Facewash ?
· The herbal extracts of neem and haldi present in the facewash make your skin look brighter and
3. What is beneficial about a foaming facewash ?
· Due to its foaming technology the initial use of water is not required and hence water is saved.
4. How to use Ecnescot Facewash?
· Moisten face with water.
· Take a small quantity of foam on your palm.
· Apply using a gentle circular motion.
· Rinse well.
5. How many foaming sprays are there in the facewash ?
· More then 250 sprays and single foaming spray is enough for complete facewash.
6. Is it paraben free ?
· Yes, it is paraben and sulphates free.
7. Is the Ecnescot facewash safe for all skin types?
· Yes, the Ecnescot facewash is safe for all acne prone skin types.
8. Is Alorascot Facewash a unisex product ?
· Yes, it is a unisex product and can even be used by children as it has no harmful ingredients and
is completely herbal.
9. How are the neem extracts useful?
· The neem extracts treat acne as it has anti-bacterial properties that helps to fight any kind of
breakouts and also alleviate the pain and itching sensation.
10. Is Ecnescot Facewash useful for oily skin?
· Yes, the neem extracts present in the facewash help you get healthy and oil free skin.
11. How are the haldi extracts useful?
· The haldi extracts are very beneficial for lightening the skin colour from any tans and also it
greatly helps to fade the acne scarring.
12. Does the facewash help to moisturize skin and clear blackheads ?
· Neem extracts help in clearing acne, scars, pigmentation and blackheads.
13. Can the facewash be used for irritated, sun damaged or inflamed skin?
· Yes, the facewash can be used for sun damaged or inflamed skin as the haldi extracts help in
soothing the skin and making it lighter in tone.

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