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Crack heel repair cream


Best Foot Cream For Cracked Heels & Dry Skin


Skin is the vulnerable part of our body, if care is not taken then it might have adverse effects. The foot is one of the sensitive parts that can have a bad impact on the skin. According to a survey, cracked heels and dry skin are experienced, to heal it, most of the people prefer cream or lotion. Our foot is hardly being exposed to the outside environment, it’s always locked into footwear, this might affect the foot with some skin disease. One of the major foot diseases named Tinea is cause by athletes. 


Why you experience cracked heels?

It’s hard to protect your skin from any bacteria or disease, same with your foot so. Usually, you experience cracked heels, because feet are enclosed into footwear, and when it’s opened to air, it might get affected by germs and dust particles. These dust particles settle on your foot, which makes your skin cell dead. This is one reason why you experience cracked heels, the other reason is due to lack of moisture, the skin gets dehydrated.


Remedy For Cracked Heels:

People keep on searching for any remedy for cracked heels, some might experience the worst case where bleeding occurs due to cracked heels. The simple remedy for cracked heels is to use a foot cream or lotion, apply it in the day and overnight. You will get to see the changes every day. Also, those who are facing the worst cracked heels can apply the same remedy but thrice a day. 


In the Indian market, there are multiple brands available that say it is good for cracked heels and will get you soft, smooth skin. We are pretty sure that you are confused upon choosing the correct brand, the solution for your confusion is hidden in this blog, you can follow this blog. In this blog, we are providing the solution to your problems, according to the research, we have found a herbal product that is effective and efficient in healing your cracked heels. Scot beauty healthcare unlimited has launched a footscot cream, manufactured in India. So beginning with an introduction to footscot, brief information on ingredients used in footscot cream, its benefits, advantages, buying guide on how to select the best foot cream for cracked heels or dry skin, and we’ll end up with FAQs.


Introduction To Footscot Cream

Scot beauty combined pure herbs as input and produced footscot cream. Footscot cream is effective due to the pure herbal elements added to it. The structure of footscot cream is a medium-sized box, the ingredients used are Urea, Lactic acid, Propylene glycol, and liquid paraffin. Footscot cream has got tags and is widely proven to be the most useful cream to heal cracked heels. Footscot helps to repair cracked heels, soothes and re-hydrates skin, also it protects the skin from dryness. Footscot is a natural foot cream, this cream provides life to dead skin. The flaky skin gets soft, smooth, and clean with the help of foot cream. The cream consists of some antibacterial, antiseptic properties that recover the cracked heels, and moisturizes them. You can use footscot cream for the treatment of your skin.


Ingredients used in Footscot Cream


Footscot is a natural cream, made up of pure herbs, the ingredients used are Urea, Lactic acid, propylene glycol, liquid paraffin. We have explained in detail a few ingredients below.


Urea: Dermatologists prefer urea for skin medication. Urea has some antibacterial properties, it is used to remove dead skin tissues, to treat rough and cracked heels. It increases the moisture level in rough skin. Urea is preferred to remove dead skin while prone to wound. Thus, if you are facing bleeding from cracked heels then urea will help in stopping the bleeding. Footscot has used Urea as an ingredient to get smooth and soft skin.


Lactic acid: Lactic acid contain an alpha hydroxy acid exfoliant that acts as an anti-aging skincare product. It is used for skin treatment like rough skin, dead skin, and especially for cracked heels. Using lactic acid increases cell turnover. The worst skin can be turned smooth, soft, and fruitful. As there are multiple benefits that we can get from lactic acid, we have used Lactic acid as an ingredient in the preparation of footscot cream.


Propylene Glycol: Propylene Glycol has scientific facts, it says that when propylene glycol is very much attracted towards the water. This great feature of propylene glycol helps in the enhancement of human skin. Usually, adding propylene glycol to water forms a moisturizer, hence that’s the reason why propylene glycol is the most recommended in the formation of any lotion or cream. It moisturizes the skin and reduces roughness, suppleness of the skin. It gets back gentle, soft, and refreshes skin. Thus, propylene glycol on use has extreme health advantages hence, we have used propylene glycol in footscot cream as an ingredient.


Liquid paraffin: As per our research, some people do a manicure to get their feet healed, but is it a permanent solution? The permanent solution is the liquid paraffin, also named paraffin wax. It is a permanent solution for your cracked heels and has ample health advantages included. The paraffin wax, due to its previous history is used for skin treatment. A bath with paraffin wax makes our skin soft, gentle, and scratch-free. You can avail the beneficiary of paraffin wax, by soaking your legs into the wax. The paraffin wax heats your feet, this leads to the opening of the pores, this force generates new energy and removes the dead skins, turning on new skin cells. On completion of this task, you will get soft, silky, and smooth skin. Thus, these are some benefits of using paraffin wax, hence we have used paraffin wax as an ingredient in footscot cream.


Along with the above ingredients, we some other ingredients too that are used in the preparation of the footscot cream. These ingredients are Ceto Stearyl Alcohol,  Sorbitol, Ceto Microgol, Cyclomethicone, Alantoin, Petrolium wax.


Thus, we have listed the above ingredients in detail, these all are natural emollients and is proven best for foot treatment. Footscot cream is a combination of these pure herbs, on using this cream twice you will get a healed your cracked heels and dry skin.


Benefits Of Using Footscot Cream


  • Hydrates Hardened Skin Its hydrating and deep-absorbing formula allows it to penetrate thick and tough skin.
  • Softens feet, heels, and ankles
  • repairs cracked and chapped skin. 
  • Prevents Infection Its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties make it effective against harmful germs and protects against bacterial and fungal infections.
  • It removes dead skin, also opens the pores, this makes your skin smooth.
  • Footscot cream has fungal properties, anti-bacterial properties that prevent your skin from being prone to infection.
  • The cream act as a scrubber especially meant for cracked heels and dry skin.


Advantages Of Using Footscot Cream

  • Use footscot cream twice a day, and get an attractive look.
  • If you are having blisters on your foot? You can use this footscot cream to get a soothing foot.
  • Massage your feet with footscot cream, and resolve your pain and discomfort.
  • Get silky, and soft skin.
  • You can even apply footscot cream to get rid of cuts and sores.
  • The cream moisturizes your skin and fills up the cracked skin.
  • Footscot cream is advantageous for Eczema, Dryness, Cracked Heels, Callus, Athlete’s foot.
  • Using footscot cream increases the chances of getting natural skin.
  • Enlightens the skin and turns on your skin cell
  • The footscot cream is cost-effective, durable, and efficient for feet


Therefore, we have listed multiple advantages of using footscot cream, now it’s high time that we have explained every aspect of footscot cream. Till now, we have covered a bunch of information about footscot cream that includes an introduction to footscot cream, ingredients used in the preparation of footscot cream, benefits of using footscot cream, and listed advantages of using footscot cream. You can refer to the below steps to apply footscot cream:


Steps For Using Footscot Cream


  1. Clean your feet with a wet cotton sponge.
  2. Pat dry with a towel
  3. Apply the cream to affected areas.
  4. Leave overnight and let the skin absorb the content. 
  5. Use socks to cover your feet, and get instant results the next day.


By following the above steps, you will get results for sure. You have got a clear idea about footscot cream. For better clarity, we will be assisting you while shopping for a good foot cream for the treatment of cracked heels and dry skin. You must be wondering how?  We have attached a buying guide where you refer to how to select the best foot cream for cracked heels and dry skin.


Buying Guide: How to select Best Foot Cream For Cracked Heels & Dry Skin

It is important to note that before buying any product you should check certain details like quality, price, and how it is beneficial for you. After referring, the below factors, it will be easier for you to select the best foot cream for cracked heels.


Cost: It is important before buying any product. In terms of buying foot cream, it matters. Whatever foot cream you are thinking to buy just check if that particular product has high quality, that deserves a certain amount to pay? 


Ingredients: Another factor that you should look at before buying is the ingredients used in that particular foot cream. The ingredients present should treat your skin gently, turn on new skin cells, and remove dead skin. Also, the ingredients should have moisturizing contents that enhances your skin. The main work of foot cream is to open the pores and remove the cracked heels. Also, the ingredients present should be herbal, pure, and natural.


Specific issue: Many people, want to buy foot cream specifically to resolve the foot issue. Thus, there are multiple types of foot cream available irrespective of the issue that you are facing. So you can accordingly, have a look at the cream and buy the one that is suitable for your treatment.


Fragrance: You can look for a foot cream that contains fragrant elements. The scent of the cream is essential as it gives the skin a very pleasant smell. A foot cream without fragrance can make you feel discomfort in applying the cream.


Hence, this guide will help you in purchasing the best foot cream for cracked heels and dry skin. Footscot cream contains all the above factors, and hence it is the best cream for the foot. It is effective for your skin, with no added chemical, it is purely herbal. We would strongly recommend buying footscot cream for cracked heels,  Eczema, Dryness, Callus, Athlete’s foot. Some of the people might have a bit of doubt about the footscot cream, to clear your doubt we are providing FAQs that will answer your questions.


Frequently Ask Questions(FAQs)

Q1. What benefits we can get from using the footscot cream?

Ans: You can get soft, silky, smooth skin using footscot cream. Also, footscot cream helps to repair cracked heels, it soothes and de-hydrates your skin, also it protects the skin from dryness.


Q2. When to used footscot cream?

Ans: The moment you are feeling dryness of your foot, or cracked heels, or any other foot issues you can start using footscot cream.


Q3. How many times do I need to use the footscot cream?

Ans: You can use the footscot cream twice a day, that too at the night.


Q4. What quantity of footscot cream should I take to apply the cream?

Ans: If you are using a bottle-shaped cream, then 2 drops are efficient to apply. Or if you are using a box-shaped cream then you can roll your finger twice and apply.


Q5. Are the ingredients used in footscot cream herbal?

Ans: Yes, the ingredients that are used in the preparation of footscot cream are herbal, pure, and natural.


Q6. What to do if I am having bleeding from cracked heels?

Ans: You can use footscot cream to stop the bleeding from cracked heels permanently, as footscot cream can be used as a disinfectant.


Q7. Can footscot cream provide instant results?

Ans: Yes, as footscot cream is a combo of herbal products, applying it over the foot and leaving it overnight, will provide instant results.



Thus, in this article, we have gathered correct information about the best foot cream for cracked heels and dry skin. Also, we have introduced the best herbal foot cream named footscot cream, we have mentioned its ingredients, benefits, advantages. Also, we have provided you with a buying guide that will assist you in purchasing the best foot cream. In the end, we wrapped up the article with FAQs. We strongly recommend you to use the footscot cream for the treatment of your cracked heels and dry skin.


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