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Corona Virus Facts and Prevention

Corona Virus Facts and Prevention

Why Viruses Are So Difficult to Cure?

Human body is fundamentally made of DNA, they are complex to understand because it requires rather advanced scientific tools and in depth knowledge of human body. Viruses like COVID- 19 take advantage of such complexity at the DNA level and as a result, medical science despite being in the 21st century remains helpless in finding the cure. Such deep penetration of viruses inside the human body and the rate at which it multiplies is remarkable and way beyond the capabilities of modern medicine to counter as of now.

What Is Corona Virus (Covid-19)?

Corona viruses are a large family of virus which is transmitted usually via airborne droplets to the nasal mucosa and cause acute, mild upper respiratory infection (common cold). In simple terms they invade us via the nose or mouth. As of now corona virus is difficult to detect and way more difficult to treat.

Facts and Rumours of Covid-19?

First, people think that with the onset of summer corona virus spread will die out which is totally baseless because countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines despite being closer to equator and temperature being high are still facing an increase in COVID-19 cases. Second, wearing a mask is mandatory only for those people who are infected so that the virus doesn’t spread more and for those who are in close contact with them. There is no need of purchasing any specific mask just the 3layer surgical mask would work. Third, once infected person dies which is false because of the overall 198255 positive corona virus cases throughout the globe only 7976 deaths have been reported and 82624 patients have recovered from the virus infection.
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Prevention Is the Best Weapon Against It?

Firstly washing your hands using 20 second rule. Secondly, not touching your eyes, mouth and nose very often. Thirdly, keeping 1 meter distance from anyone. Fourthly, alcohol based sanitizer which is the most important and the best one. According to WHO recommended formulation used globally are, 6070% Alcohol, non allergic, paraben free, sulphate free, Phthalates free, dermatologist tested, no colour added, transparent in nature and require no soap or water after use. Hand sanitizer is a must for today’s date because currency notes is best way to transmit viruses and we take a little notice to that. We cannot prevent people from using currency notes, from touching external objects or clean everything perfectly which is an impossible task. Best way to prevent it is using alcohol based hand sanitizer because it is user friendly and can be used anytime easily as compared to hand washing. Already mentioned above that even with the onset of summer there is a need to be careful so I recommend everyone to have a hand sanitizer available with them at all times.

Good Hand Sanitizer Available in the Indian Market.

Non availability of hand sanitizer is due to mass hoarding of them by few individual and on the other hand there have been some reports of hand sanitizer not meeting the standards and containing harmful chemicals. There are several products which are genuinely good like the hand sanitizer named “GermScot” by Scot Beauty which is a famous herbal brand and follows strict medical standards and use herbal components only and all their hand sanitizers are as per WHO recommendations. For more info of our products visit shop page localhost/scotbeauty/shop  which offers many other healthcare products which is must buy considering it’s herbal ingredients.


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