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Best Ayurvedic Tablets Available Online


Medical science is changing every day, now and then it introduces a new medicine or some new medications. In terms of medical science, botanical plants have an important role, every medicine experimented with have extracts of the botanical plants. Ayurvedic is one of the ancient medication methods, previously the time when medical science was not updated, to cure diseases, ayurvedic tablets were in use. Ayurveda has proven beneficial in terms of health and has cleared the diseases permanently. As the years passed, the pharmacist made their medicines with chemicals, and around 80% of the population prefer that due to instant results but this is not the permanent solution. For you, consuming ayurvedic tablets must be a concern. Fewer questions may be hitting your head, that may be about benefits of ayurvedic tablets, dosage, side effects, and also a concern from safety side.


Benefits of Ayurvedic Tablets:


A bulk of health benefits you will get from ayurvedic herbs, and products. It takes time to heal some disorders, but although it’s better to go for ayurvedic tablets instead of for chemicals preserved medicines to cure yourself.  The below list is prepared after performing research over the case studies.


  • Immune Booster: Let’s consider the current scenario, in this pandemic situation, to build immunity, to maintain strong immunity is necessary. Thus, you may have pre-strong immunity, but some need to take extra efforts to boost immunity. Hence, ayurvedic tablets play a vital role in boosting your immunity. If you consume potential ingredients like amla, neem, methi, Kesar, black pepper, etc then this will help in increasing your immunity. But it may be confusing like which one to consume? Every day you can’t go on eating all this stuff, hence ayurvedic tablets are necessary because it is made up of the potential herbal ingredients.


  • Effective weight loss: Ayurvedic tablets for weight loss is effective. If you want to lose weight, along with the diet, you can follow the ayurvedic medication too. An ayurvedic tablet carries the following process that reduces your weight loss. Weight loss ayurvedic tablets help to detoxify your body, it removes extra fat from tissues. It helps in the purification of skin, helps in improve blood circulation, there are potential herbs that are used in the preparation of ayurvedic tablets. A variety of tablets are present that in the market to treat different diseases.


  • Anti-inflammatory agent: Ayurvedic tablets are a good inflammatory agent too. Well, inflammation occurs due to improper diet and irregular sleep. Some of the potential ingredients like ashwagandha, turmeric, are powerful anti-oxidants, hence they help a lot in the decrement of inflammation.


  • Cleanse body: Ayurvedic tablets are a good cleaner for your body, as it reduces toxins from bad tissues. The research says that enough evidence is being collected to prove that ayurvedic tablet helps in the growth of hair, for the treatment of the skin. Some ayurvedic herbs like Triphala, amla, Boswellia is recommended to consume most of the time, as it is a good solution in handling the acute pain, arthritis. Hence, you can prefer ayurvedic tablets for digestion and get your body purified.


  • The perfect treatment for Health disorders: Some of the health disorders like high blood pressure, high sugar level, cholesterol, hypertension are dangerous for health, it can take your life too. Hence, special care needs to be taken to cure these disorders. Before modern medical technologies, the traditional method of medication which is Ayurveda prevents the disease before it builds. The simple fact to cure these diseases is to maintain a proper diet, to maintain the sleep cycle, and to every day consume the ayurvedic tablets, it is also named as an ayurvedic supplement.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)


Q1)Any safety concerns while consuming the Ayurvedic tablets?


Ans: Yes, some of the constituents like metals, lead, mercury if added into supplements can be toxic. So before consuming the ayurvedic tablet, you need to search for the ingredients that are included. It should be herbs that are extracted from the plants, then need to take consent from the ayurvedic doctor and proceed further for consumption. Also, if any other medication is on-going then consult the doctor before consuming ayurvedic tablets.


Q2)Are Ayurvedic tablets identifiable by the WHO organization?


Ans: Ayurveda is the tradition of the Indian system, it was included in ancient science. Before western medicines and modern practices, Ayurveda was practiced to cure any disease. Hence, an agreement was signed in between WHO and India to promote and practice ayurvedic tablets, syrups.


Q3)What herbs are included in Ayurvedic tablets?


Ans: Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Brahmi, Cumin, Neem, Cardamon, etc are included in Ayurvedic tablets.


Also, in today’s era, you need to have ayurvedic tablets instead of those modern tablets, but there’s a huge difference between them. Ayurvedic tablets are considered to prevent you from disease and not to provide the solution for the problem. For example, you want to get rid of the blood pressure disease, then you need to follow the diet suggested by the ayurvedic doctor along with this consume ayurvedic tablets. But once you already have a blood pressure problem then need to consult a doctor.


Even there are offline ayurvedic stores available at your locality. You can search for an ayurvedic shop near me, and the list of the stores will be available at your location. Scot Beauty healthcare unlimited is the most trusted brand that provides every suitable ayurvedic medicine for the skin, to control any of the diseases, and takes a due care to fulfill the requirements of the people. You will find the scot beauty healthcare unlimited shop in Chandigarh.


Scot Beauty Healthcare unlimited is one of the premium leading ayurvedic shops that serves all ayurvedic products made up of pure herbs and rich botanical plants. Scot Beauty focuses on manufacturing ayurvedic products, the richness of Ayurveda provides help in the stabilization of health, boosts your immunity, prevents you from any disease.


Below we have provided the list of tablets that scot beauty has manufactured:

Brainscot Ayurvedic Tablet


Brainscot Ayurvedic tablets is a stimulant and a nerve tonic, it behaves as a tonic for nerves, sometimes due to heavy workload, your hands may be paining, or your bac may stress out. This happens to weaken nerves, then brainscot ayurvedic tablets make your pain relief. Also, brainscot acts as a perfect solution for weakened memory, seminal weakness, mental tension, and fatigue. Brainscot ayurvedic tablets perform multiple functions for your health, that too at a reasonable cost. It has some potential ayurvedic ingredients like Draksha, Amla, Ashwagandha, Shatavar, Vidarikand, Jatamansi, Brahmi, Shankpushpi, all these ingredients have supportive evidence for handling activities like heavy workload, fatigue, mental stress, weakened memory.


Hairscot Ayurvedic Tablet


Hairscot Ayurvedic Tablets is an optimal solution for your hairfall. Are you frustrated with the early greying of hair? Or are you looking for some strong solution that will put a full stop at your hairfall? Scot Beauty has a solution for these issues, that is Hairscot Ayurvedic tablet, it has some key ingredients like  Bhringraj, Amalki, Nagkesar,Ushira, Godanti Bhasma, Dhatri Loh, Narsinha Churna, Arogyavardhini Ras, Saptamrit Loh, Abhrak Bhasma, Gandhak Rasayan, Swarna Makshik. We can challenge that all together with the richness of the herbs you will not find at any location.


ENZYSCOT Ayurvedic Tablet

If you are facing enzyme related disorders that are affecting your metabolic activities then scot beauty ha manufactured an ayurvedic tablet named Enzyscot, for improving the metabolic activities. This ayurvedic tablet is made up of pure organic botanical ingredients with a proper composition like SONTH (Zingiber Officinalis)RZ.20mg, KALI MIRCH (Piper nigrum)Ft. 20 mg, SHUDH KUCHLA (Nux Vomica) sd. 15 mg, DALCHINI (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum”)Bk 20mg, Pappali (Piper longum)Ft. 30 mg, VIDANG (Embelia Ribes)Ft.20 mg, HEENG (Ferula foetida)Ed.20 mg, HARDA (Terminalia Chebula)Ft. 30mg,SHANKH BHASMA (A.F.I.) 25mg,SAJJI KSHAR 5mg. Thus, a single tablet can help you with any enzyme related disorders.

Ironscot Ayurvedic Tablet

Minor Iron deficiency is alright for the health and can be improved on consuming fruits. But what about Iron deficiency anemia problems, it can lead to severe health problems, ad heart problems. It is important to handle the iron deficiencies, and nutritional deficiency for the well being of your health. Scot Beauty has manufactured Ironscot Ayurvedic tablet that prevents and improved iron deficiencies. The key ingredients added in this ayurvedic tablet are Tapayadi Loh, Navayas Loh, Dhatri Loh, Loh Bhasma, Mandoor Bhasma, Parwal Pishti.

Lexiscot Ayurvedic Tablet

Due to inadequate diet, or improper routine of diet, constipation may happen. Scot Beauty invented another ayurvedic tablet named Lexiscot. It has rich herbs like Harda, Jamalgota, Baheda that provides rest from constipation problem.

Orthoscot Ayurvedic Tablet

After the age of 40,  the bones are weakened, and due to this joint paint takes place. Also, the muscular pain can be relieved with the perfect solution. Scot Beauty has manufactured orthoscot ayurvedic tablet that helps to cure muscular pain. It has potent ingredients like Sonth, Kali Mirch, Kuchla, Kounch Beej, Loh Bhasma, Ashwagandha, Shatavar, Shilajit, Shudh Guggal, Abrak Bhasma, that has rich herbs to cure joint pains.

Skinscot Ayurvedic Tablet

Are you facing skin infections? If yes, you need to find a permanent solution that will prevent your skin from getting infected. Scot Beauty has brought another ayurvedic product named Skinscot, it mainly functions to stop problems like Treats Urticaria, Dermamosis, Chronic Skin Infections & Purifies Blood. It constituents of rich herbs like Neem, Rasmanikya, Gandhak Shush, Parwal Pishti, Chairayta, Vavidang, Kutki, Amla, Pittpapra. These herbs are capable enough to purify your blood and maintain the freshness of your skin.

ScotLiv Ayurvedic Tablet

Another instant solution for Treats Hepatitis, Jaundice, Cirrhosis Due To Drugs/Alcohol, Infantile Liver Disorders, Anorexia is ScotLiv tablet, manufactured by Scot Beauty. It has ingredients like Kadu, Punernava, Kalmegh, Kasni, Surpankha, Mandoor Bhasma, Guduchi that provides good health.


You can find the best ayurvedic shop available nearby your location for home delivery. Scot Beauty an ayurvedic shop at pabhat road zirakpur in Chandigarh provides ayurvedic solutions for better health, reduces weight loss, purifies the blood, and controls joint pains too. The best ayurvedic products manufacturer is scot beauty healthcare unlimited are available online and offline too.












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