Alorascot Foaming Facewash

Alorascot Facewash

•Shudh herbal
Advanced fairness foaming face wash
With Lemon & Papaya
•250 sprays minimum
One spray is enough for complete face wash
• Has foaming technology
So initial use of water is not required so it saves water

Price: Rs 295


• • For All Skin Types, Especially Sensitive Skin Types • A Gentle Gel Foam Cleanser Made with Aloe Vera Gel Extract, and Free of Paraben&Salicilate, Talc, Animal product, Mineral Oil, and Artificial Dyes • Aloe Vera suppresses the skin's production of melanin to reduce freckles and dark spots • Soothing and Moisturizing on Irritated or Sun Damaged, Inflamed Skin • Strengthens Skin's Immune System and Dramatically Reduces the Healing-Time of Sunburn, Reduces Redness and Inflammation Reap immense benefits for our skin by using Alorascot foam that contains Aloe Vera,Papaya& Lemon peel extract. It is also helpful in keeping the pores unclogged and lightening brown marks. Aloe Vera helps in keepi the skin free of infection and microbial attacks.

How to use

Moisten face with water Take a small quantity of foam on your palm Apply using a gentle circular motion Rinse well


Aloevera gel

Papaya ext

Lemon peel ext


Some FAQ's

1How many Foaming sprays are there?
More then 250 sprays and single foaming spray is enough for complete facewash.
2Is it natural herbal ingredients?
Yes it has natural Shudh herbal ingredients with no chemicals or toxic items used.
3Is it Paraben free?
Yes it is paraben & Sulphates free
4what skin type is it beneficial for?
Its useful for all skin types but for Acne skin we have a more effective and more beneficial Ecnescot foaming facewash
5Is it unisex can men use this?
Yes, it's unisex products anyone can use Kids can use too as it does not have any harmful toxic chemicals present in our product and its totally safe to use.

Frequently Asked Questions :

  1. Which is the best herbal natural face wash to buy online for personal use?

  • Alorascot Facewash by Scotbeauty Healthcare is the best facewash that can be used for as its herbal ingredients make your skin beautiful.
  1. What is special about Alorascot Foaming Facewash ?

  • It is an advanced fairness foaming facewash with lemon and papaya and it is shudh herbal without any artificial or harmful ingredients.
  1. What is beneficial about a Herbal natural foaming facewash?

  • Due to its foaming technology the initial use of water is not required and hence water is saved.
  1. How to use Alorascot Facewash?

  • Step-1 Take a single foaming spray on your palm.
  • Step-2  Apply using a gentle circular motion.
  • Step-3 Rinse well with water.
  1. How many foaming sprays are there in the facewash ?

  • More then 250 sprays and single foaming spray is enough for complete facewash.
  1. Is Alorascot foaming facewash is paraben-free?

  • Yes, it is paraben & sulphates free.
  1. Can the Alorascot Foaming Facewash be used by any skin type?

  • Yes, the facewash can be used on all skin types but if you are looking for curing acne then the more effective face wash for acne-prone skin is Ecnescot foaming facewash.
  1. Is Alorascot Foaming Facewash a unisex product ?

  • Yes, it is a unisex product and can even be used by children as it has no harmful ingredients and is completely herbal.
  1. Does the Alorascot Foaming facewash reduce dark circles?

  • Yes, the papaya extracts present in the facewash help in reducing the dark circles and make the skin look clearer.
  1. How are the papaya extracts helpful in a foaming facewash ?
  • The papaya extracts help reduce acne by removing dead skin cells that can clog pores.
  1. Are the lemon extracts useful for the skin for facewash?
  • Yes, lemons contain vitamin C, an antioxidant that may help reduce skin damage and premature aging.
  1. Is Alorascot Foaming Facewash useful for oily skin?

  • Yes, the high pH levels in the lemon extract can decrease oil on the skin and reduce inflammation
  1. Does the Foaming facewash reduce blemishes?

  • Yes, the aloe vera present in the face wash lightens the blemishes on the face and moisturizes the skin.
  1. How does the Alorascot foaming facewash help in moisturizing skin?
  • The mineral oil present in the facewash locks moisture into the skin softens it and improves skin barrier function.
  1. Can the facewash be used for irritated, sun-damaged, or inflamed skin?
  • Yes, the facewash is very beneficial for sun-damaged, inflamed, or irritated skin as the soothing herbal ingredients cool and moisturize the skin making it look healthy and beautiful.
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