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Alcohol based hand sanitizer

Alcohol based hand sanitizer

-GermScot Herbal based hand sanitizer.

Hand Sanitizer had played a very important role in the past few months. Previously, hand sanitizers were used rarely and also was known to few people. Due to this pandemic situation, Hand Sanitizer has become a mandated thing same as water bottles, or any other mandated things that we carry. According to the guidelines released by WHO, everyone must take precautions and keep themselves safe from COVID. 

WHO added further, wearing a mask solely is not worth for safety, one should carry hand sanitizer with them and also wash their hands in every hour. But as in this busiest world, it is next to impossible to wash our hands now and then. 

Hence, hand sanitizers are recommended to carry and use every time. The reason behind using hand sanitizer every time is the proportion of alcohol present in the sanitizer. Alcohol made sanitizers have worth value, as they are proven to be effective in killing germs.

Hand Sanitizer is a liquid, gel, or foam-based disinfectant that kills germs or harmful agents. In this covid outbreak, billions have purchased hand sanitizer for their safety. Also, some may have tried preparing a homemade sanitizer. 

According to the FDA, preparing homemade sanitizers has a high-level risk factor, as you must be unaware of the proper proportions required while preparing hand sanitizers. Hence, we recommend you to not prepare sanitizers at home. 

Well, in this article, we are covering some important points about hand sanitizers, the difference between other hand sanitizers like Dettol, Lifebuoy, and Germscot instant hand sanitizer, ingredients used for preparing purell Germscot hand sanitizer, advantages of using Germscot hand sanitizer, the most frequently asked questions related to hand sanitizers. Also, we will be discussing 5 compelling reasons why you need Germscot instant hand sanitizer? 

Before beginning with the focused points, we have mentioned a brief introduction about hand sanitizers. Now we are presenting an instant gentle product before you called GermScot WHO Recommended WHO Sanitizer.

Introduction To Germscot WHO Recommended Instant Hand Sanitizer

Germscot is a WHO-recommended hand sanitizer product that is manufactured by an Indian Company. The product is designed and made in India, with the help of herbal ingredients. In today’s era, every product has some chemicals mixed with the natural product to produce better results, but Germscot hand sanitizer contains purell herbal products.


Germscot hand sanitizer is made up of organic ingredients that have pure herbs present in it. Germscot hand sanitizer is an ayurvedic hand sanitizer that contains the herbal formulation purely without any additive chemicals or preservatives. It is an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that kills harmful germs and protects from dangerous microbes to harm.


Germscot hand sanitizers are present in various forms like liquid, gel, or spray. You can opt for any one out of these three. The ingredients used in Germscot hand sanitizer are ethyl alcohol, aloe vera, lemon, Neem, Glycerol, hydrogen peroxide. We will be explaining the importance of every ingredient in detail in further sections. Let’s read the difference between other hand sanitizers like Dettol, Lifebuoy, and Germscot instant hand sanitizer.


Difference Between Other Hand Sanitizers Like Dettol, Lifebuoy, and Germscot Hand Sanitizer


ParametersOther Hand SanitizersGermscot Hand Sanitizer
IngredientsAlcohol Denat Water, Copolymer, Propylene Glycol, Acrylates, Crosspolymer, Tetrahydroxypropyl Ethylenediamine.Aloe vera, lemon, Neem, Danyak, ethyl alcohol, glycerol, hydrogen peroxide.
Use of ChemicalsA bitNone
Use of Fragment GelYesNo
Is it a moisturizing hand sanitizer?NoYes


The above table displays the difference between other sanitizers that are available in the market and the herbal sanitizer. Reading this difference you must be curious to know more about Germscot Hand Sanitizer. The most important thing is that this sanitizer is cost-effective that is less expensive.


Germscot hand sanitizer is nourished with natural elements that make it a unique sanitizer to use. The ingredients that are used have its specialty, that keeps our hand clean, soft, and germ-free. Also, the alcohol portion used is around 70% ethyl alcohol which is quite efficient and concentrated to use. So beginning with detailed information on ingredients used in preparing Germscot hand sanitizer. Germscot hand sanitizer is an antibacterial hand sanitizer that is recommended by WHO.


Ingredients Used In Herbal Based Hand Sanitizer.

Till now we have covered brief information about hand sanitizer; also we introduced a herbal hand sanitizer named Germscot instant hand sanitizer; additionally, we discussed the difference between other hand sanitizers present in the market and the Germscot instant hand sanitizer. Moving towards, a piece of deeper knowledge about ingredients that are used in Germscot instant hand sanitizer. The details are as follows:

  • Ethyl Alcohol- Ethyl alcohol is the most essential component that needs to be added to alcohol-based hand sanitizers. The proportion of alcohol that is recommended to add is 60%-95%, hence the amount of proportion that is present in Germscot hand sanitizer is 70%. The reason behind using Ethyl Alcohol is the process of conversion of proteins in the plasma membrane. This conversion kills the microbe and leaves our hands germ free.
  • Aloe vera-  Aloe vera is a natural product and most importantly it’s a herbal product that is organic and is best recommended for the skin irrespective of the type of skin. Aloe vera consists of moisturizing contents that keeps our hand soft. The same thought is present behind using aloe vera in alcohol-based hand sanitizer. After applying other hand sanitizers, you must have experienced some dryness over your hand, this is due to a lack of aloe vera present. Germscot hand sanitizer leaves hands soft and smooth due to the presence of aloe vera.
  • Lemon- Lemon is the other ingredient that was used in the preparation of Germscot instant hand sanitizer. Lemon is originally an antiseptic, it has refreshing elements like cooling properties, essential oils, citric flavors. Due to these natural compounds present in lemon, Germscot has used lemon as an ingredient, due to its natural extracts and antiseptics present. 
  • Neem-  Well, everyone is aware of the benefits of using neem. Neem is one of the herb ingredients that help to boost one’s immunity. In this pandemic outbreak, it is essential to make your immunity strong; hence Germscot thought of using neem as an ingredient. Thus neem makes Germscot instant hand sanitizer has a herbal product.
  • Glycerol-  Glycerol acts as a lotion that we use for rubbing on our palms. On adding glycerol in hand sanitizer, it will act as a humectant that helps in maintaining hand moisture. Thus, Glycerol is added as an ingredient in Germscot instant hand sanitizer, which will keep your hand moisturized.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide- Hydrogen Peroxide inactivates the contaminating spores into solutions and kills germs. Germscot instant hand sanitizer has a content of hydrogen peroxide which helps to eliminate the contaminated spores.

The above ingredients are purely herbal, good for health, and can fight with the covid outbreak. Thus, Germscot instant hand sanitizer is a herbal hand sanitizer, it is a disinfectant, it kills the germs, boosts our immunity without affecting our skin. Thus, it is a pure herbal hand sanitizer. 

Now as we have gone through a brief detailing of hand sanitizer, herbal hand sanitizer, Germscot hand sanitizer, the difference between other hand sanitizers and Germscot hand sanitizer, ingredients used in the preparation of hand sanitizers. So let’s begin and have a look at the advantages of Germscot instant hand sanitizer. The product is designed within the guidelines mentioned by WHO. 

Advantages Of Germscot Instant Hand Sanitizer:

  • Germscot hand sanitizer is WHO recommended sanitizer that protects from germs, bacteria.
  • It is an alcohol-based hand sanitizer and has a balanced proportion of alcohol.
  • It doesn’t contain harmful chemicals like sulphate, phthalates, paraben.
  • The solution is waterless and is proven effective against bacteria.
  • Germscot hand sanitizer is transparent free and has no added chemicals.
  • It is non-greasy and leaves your hand soft and safe.
  • The proportion of glycerol that is added in hand sanitizer leaves your hand moisturized. 
  • Germscot hand sanitizer also contributes to improving your skin condition.

Thus the above were some advantages of using Germscot hand sanitizer, a WHO-recommended herbal hand sanitizer with no added chemicals. Here, we end with the detailing of Germscot instant hand sanitizer. Below, we have mentioned the benefits of using Germscot hand sanitizer. Now let’s begin with a blunder of questions that must be hitting your mind. Before that let’s have a look at the buying guide for hand sanitizer.

Benefits Of Using Germscot Instant Hand Sanitizer

  • It is convenient to use.
  • Waterless
  • Allergy-free and dermatologist tested
  • Immediate protection from germs and bacteria.
  • Use Of ethyl alcohol proportion 60%-95%.
  • Moisturises hands, no dryness
  • Portable and kills microbes.


Hand Sanitizer’s Buying Guide: How to select the best hand sanitizer for you?

The novel coronavirus has made the situation critical for every country. Thus, the WHO has added some guidelines to fight against this novel coronavirus. WHO recommends basic habits to be followed that includes cleaning hands thoroughly and to avoid touching eyes and noses with hand. So it’s mandatory to select the best hand sanitizer that will protect you from covid. The below you find the buying guide available that will help you to choose the best hand sanitizer:

  • Alcohol proportion: Before buying the hand sanitizer, it is important to check whether the hand sanitizer is alcohol-free or alcohol-based. The other important thing to note is always buying alcohol-based hand sanitizer. While buying alcohol-based hand sanitizer check for how much alcohol percentage is present in that hand sanitizer. The range of percentage is 60% – 95%, if the proportion lies in between then go for it.
  • Herbal Hand Sanitizer: The other important aspect before buying hand sanitizer is it should a herbal product. The reason is herbal hand sanitizer contains organic materials that include oils, aloe vera,  enriching extracts, neem which is good for our skin and also fights with bacteria and germs.
  • No soap and waterless: The other important aspect that you must look at before buying hand sanitizer is it should be waterless which means after applying sanitizer it should be absorbed by your hands. There should not be the use of soap.

Thus, here we end up with the buying guide that suggests you the factors that you should look at before buying the hand sanitizer. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Hand Sanitizer

 Let’s have a look over the questions that is been asked by people across the world.

Q1) What is a hand sanitizer?

Ans: Hand Sanitizer is a gel, liquid, or foam-based compound that protects us from infections, keep us safe and secure from germs. Hand sanitizer also kills micro-organisms. 

Q2) Why use a hand sanitizer instead of soap and water?

Ans: Using only water will not kill germs, also some germ residue will remain back on hands. Using soap is good enough and will keep your hand germ-free, but everywhere soap cannot be carried as you need water to wash hands too. Hence, hand sanitizers are most recommended to use because it is waterless and can kill germs too without leaving your hands dry.

Q3) Can we make home-made hand sanitizers?

Ans: Yes, you can make home-made sanitizers, but as a guide, we would refer you not to make home-made hand sanitizers as it can be proven harmful due to a mismatch of ingredient proportion.

Q4)What is alcohol-based hand sanitizer?

Ans: Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is a sanitizer that contains a defined proportion of alcohol.

Q5)What is the difference between alcohol-based hand sanitizer and alcohol-free hand sanitizer?

Ans: The difference is in alcohol-based hand sanitizers some concentrations of alcohol like ethyl alcohol, n-propyl alcohol, methanol are present whereas in alcohol-free hand sanitizers Chlorhexidine gluconate, Chloroxylenol, etc are present.

Q6) Which type of hand sanitizer is more effective and why?

Ans: Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is more effective because it contains alcohol which kills the plasma membrane of microbes and defeats the growth of micro-organisms.

Q7)What is a herbal hand sanitizer or an ayurvedic hand sanitizer?

Ans: In herbal hand sanitizer or we can ayurvedic hand sanitizer herbals products like aloe vera, lemon, neem, basil leaves are used in the preparation of hand sanitizer. Herbal hand sanitizers are recommended and the best suitable ones as it keeps our hands safe, saves it from getting dry, and have antibiotic properties that kill the germs.

Q8) What are the ingredients used in hand sanitizer?

Ans: The ingredients like alcohol, neem, lemon, chlorobenzene, aloe vera are used in hand sanitizer.

Q9) Do other sanitizers like Dettol, lifebuoy has any proportion of methanol?

Ans: No, but other sanitizers like Dettol, lifebuoy is not a herbal hand sanitizer.

Q10) How to choose a hand sanitizer?

Ans: In the above, we have mentioned a buying guide which will help you in selecting a hand sanitizer.

Q11) Why ethyl alcohol is used as an ingredient in hand sanitizer is compared to methanol?

Ans: Ethyl alcohol can kill germs more effectively as it can kill the plasma membrane. Also, it helps in killing the microbes. Methanol has side effects and is not safe for the skin.

Q12) What are the steps of using a hand sanitizer? 

Ans: The steps are 1) Take a drop of hand sanitizer. 2) Rub on hands over both the surface. 3) It will be dry automatically you don’t have to dry it manually.

Q13) Among soap and hand sanitizer which one is effective?

Ans: Both are effective, but hand sanitizer is recommended the most as it takes very less time to cleanse our hands.

Q14) What does it mean by waterless hand sanitizer?

Ans: As on when you apply soap you need water to wash that soap foam. Whereas in waterless hand sanitizer there no need to process water after applying.

Q15) Will I get any side effects on my skin after the usage of hand sanitizer?

Ans: No, if you use herbal hand sanitizer and the sanitizers that are recommended by WHO then you will not get any rash or side effects on your skin.

Q16) Why neem is used in manufacturing hand sanitizer?

Ans: Neem is a herbal product and has antibiotic extracts that help in boosting your immunity.

Q17) Why use glycerol and aloe vera in preparation for hand sanitizer?

Ans: Glycerol has glycerin contains that denatures the germs and removes them. Also, aloe vera has moisturizing contains that saves our hands from drying.

Q18) Is sanitizer proved helpful in this COVID situation?

Ans: Yes, WHO and according to FDA guidelines it is recommended to use hand sanitizers now and then to protect ourselves from germs.

Q19) What type of hand sanitizers should be used?

Ans: A hand sanitizer should be pure, herbal, must have disinfecting agents, also should have antifungal properties and antiseptic properties.

Q20) Are hand sanitizers portable?

Ans: Yes, it is portable sanitizers are proven to be germ-free.

Q21) How long do I need to rub my hands after applying hand sanitizer?

Ans: You need to rub your hands for 15 – 30 mins after applying hand sanitizers.


Thus, in this article, we have covered a piece of brief information about what is a hand sanitizer, what is the difference between other hand sanitizers and Germscot hand sanitizers, What is a herbal hand sanitizer, introduction to Germsot hand sanitizer a WHO-recommended product, ingredients used in preparing Germscot hand sanitizer, Advantages of Germscot hand sanitizer, benefits of Germscot instant hand sanitizer, a buying guide for hand sanitizers, How to select the best hand sanitizers for you? Ending up with Frequently Asked Questions. Hence, we would recommend you to read the whole content and decide which hand sanitizer is best suited for you.

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