Orthoscot Liniment (Glass Bottle)

Orthoscot Liniment (Glass Bottle)

Shudh Herbal
Pain relieving liniment
With natural actives

Price: Rs 298


•1For shoulder pain, backache, joint pains, strains, muscles pain, minor aches and pains
2. Relieve pain and stiffness during arthritis, sore muscular aches, and muscle strains
3. Useful in lumbago, sciatica, muscular pains, stiffness of joints, neuralgia and sprains

How to use

Apply Orthoscot liniment on painful area.This liniment provides quick & long lasting relief from joints pain & nerve pain


Boswellia serrata roxb.oil

Curcuma longa oil

Zingiber officinale oil

Mentha pipreta linn

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