Shudh Herbal
Happiness through HEALTH & VITALITY
Packing10*1*10 capsules in 1 box

Price: Rs 1600


Natural Revitalization of life
Improve blood flow & circulation
Enhance physical performance
Anti aging
Tones up muscles
Increases Vigour & Vitality
Anti stress
Increases immunity
Increase confidence
Useful for elderly patient having mental & physical fatigue.
100% safe & natural

How to use

1-2 capsules twice a day with milk or as directed by the Physician


Amruta panchang

Satawari mool

Lavang flowerburd

Jaiphal fruit

Ikshurak mool
Gokhru seeds
Pippali fruit
Shu Shilajit
Safed musli mool
Salampanjha chhal
Ashwagandha mool
Vardharo leave
Sud Kauchala seeds
Bang basma

All our products are Paraben & sulphates free.

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